Spring 1290 journey to Europe

"I'm here to resign my function of lead quaesitor."

Why would he search to hide the main reason to his journey ? The choice hurt him, but he doesn't have so much choices. He isn't no more what he was and can't deal with these responsabilities, now.

The magus gives a short inhalation and looks to either side. "While I have a suspicion of the reason, would you please state why you wish to resign? We do have a shortage of Quaesitors in the African Tribunal."

"Because I can't assume these responsabilities, now."

Maat begins, "Technically you wouldn't be assuming them, you have already..." she trails off under the gaze of the other two. Sergius turns back to you and simply follows with "And the reason you cannot perform the duties? Understand this is a routine question, for some very legitimate reasons."

Tastheus sighs, looks to the three magi :

"Because a young magi fresh out of gauntlet would be incapable of being a lead quaesitor, unless you have a shortage on the African court at that point, of course."

"So you?" Artistocles begins before Sergius turns to stop him and a whispered conference ensues for several seconds. Finally Sergius addresses you again. "That is an interesting statement. According to the information available to the Quesitors you have been past your gauntlet for over a hundred years. Is that the statement you wish to officially make, and in a related question do you wish to begin an investigation regarding possible deprivation of magical power?"

During their whispering deal, the Tytalus closes his eyes, he needs to stay calm and precise in his answer. He knows that his sentence will lead to another questions, more personal. He doesn't like this, but he can't say that he doesn't anticipate where the conversation will go.

When he hears the question and how the magi front of him formulates it, his first thinking is "Damned Frosty Breath". It would be so easy to betray his covenant mates now. That wouldn't be his fault, just a bad choice of words during a meeting who seems to be an interrogatory. Just a fault, not really a betraying. Just answer, "yes, it's what I wish.". Just say the truth under a frosty breath spell...

"No, I can't say I'm a newly gauntlet magi. I'm Tastheus ex-Tytalus, and I had earned my title of archmagi some years ago..."

He close his eyes and takes a deep inspiration, before straightening up in his seat.

"But, however, I'm now like a young magi. My arts, my knowledge, my memory... all of that are those of myself just after my gauntlet."

The reaction of the spell is like a knife on his mind. He would have wanted that all of these last sentences were cold like the worst winter in the heart of Novgorod's tribunal, but it's hot like the sand wind on Al-Kufra.

Betray or not betray ? The question haunts him until he says his answer.

"And yes, I would wish an investigation."

He lets a little time, no more that some seconds, but like an eternity to him. Betray or not ? He must take a decision, now. Will he choice silence or precisions ?

"But I will follow the decision of the Council of Al-Kufra and declines this proposition. The Council doesn't want an investigation. We just want a way to start again, in peace and protection, like young magi and not like former archmagi."

He makes his choice, follows his covenant mates, follows the council. These magicians are all he has left, or almost, his friends, his brothers...

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As you announce that you will decline an investigation the frosty breath spell is dropped. The three magi all share looks between them.
"We cannot of course force an investigation, but we find it disquieting that a covenant is able to squash the desire of one of its members for an investigation. Since there is ultimately no crime being pursued we are going to put this report under quaesitorial seal, and of course accept your resignation. If there is nothing else then, we apologize for the tone of these proceedings, the situation and outcome was not what we anticipated."
Artistocles adds "If you wish assistance in understanding what has happened, I can make discrete inquiries to locate a bonisagus researcher who would be interested in the more academic aspects of your situation."

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