Staff Telekinesis spells?

I'm looking some basic ReHe spells to allow a magi to use telekinesis/teleoprtation with a staff - I am asuming they do exist already, but I'm new to 5thEd, so I'm not sure where to look. Any help would be great :slight_smile:



Use Rego Corpus guidelines but for Rego Herbam.

Rego Herbam? So you want to lift and teleport wood, plants, and forest faeries? That's a curious concept - could you tell us more about it?

But if you want generic telekinesis/teleportation (though using a wooden staff as the enchanted item, including the +4 bonus to move and control things at a distance), you'd be better off looking at Rego Terram, which (with casting requisites) can be used to move generic "stuff".

Sorry about not being clear enough - maybe I should have said telekinesis on a staff - having a wooden staff as a tailsman, I was wanting methods of calling it back to me - first over short distances, then possibly at higher magnitudes, at distance arcane connection?



As mad max suggested, use the Rego Corpus guidelines. It is actually quite tricky. I've been thinking about such a power for a talisman, for a Bjornaer (who lacks pockets to bring his talisman with him when in animal form). I've decided it is easier to have a talisman that changes form so that it may be carried more easily by an animal.

The ReCo guideline to teleport self a distance of Arcane Connection is 35...there are lower levels for shorter distances.

So, if you want to teleport the staff a distance of Arcane Connection away to your position, you need an effect which is teleport staff a distance of Arcane Connection away to a location distance Arcane Connection away, so that is a 35 + 4 = 55 Level ReHe effect.

The alternative is to get the staff to teleport itself to you, but then it needs to be triggered somehow --- perhaps by an environmental trigger such as sunrise. This is then a level 35 + 3 levels = 38 Level ReHe effect. The problem is that you can't stop it from occuring, or make it occur at a different time.

Also you need to think about penetration. You need to penetrate the magic resistance of the staff, if you are using a spell to teleport it to you. And it needs to penetrate your magic resistance, if it has an inbuilt power to return to your location. A spell cast by you to get the staff to return to you also needs to penetrate your magic resistance. This is because your talisman inherits your Form magic resistance, even when you are not touching it; but you can only cast Personal Range effects on it when you are touching it --- all effects other than Personal Range need to penetrate. You can suppress your own magic resistance when you use this effect, but that's neither trivial nor particularly safe. You can't supress the staff's magic resistance though.

Talismans don't have magic resistance, they are protected by the owner's MR when the owner is holding them, not at other times.

A range arcane connection spell that activates the triggering action for the staff would be a reasonable choice.

There is weirdness about the ReCo teleportation guidelines where it is four magnitudes higher to bring your familiar to your side from your laboratory than it is to send your familiar from your side to your laboratory. This has been mentioned before but No one has, to my knowledge, ever decided to create an alternate set of guidelines (not that it would be too difficult to work some out).

I don't have my books with me, but I thought that talismans also inherited your Form resistance scores, even when you weren't touching them --- so your talisman (which is, say, a staff) is stronger and resists magic unlike say a stick. I could be misremembering something though.