Staking out the Auras

In furtherance of Constantine's suggestion, I was thinking we could all note what we're doing to put a tent stake in the various Auras on the island to prevent someone else from sneaking in and poaching the spots from us. For example:

Founder's Point (5): Magnus is going to cast Conjuring the Mystic Tower to create a tower on the site where he will station a few grogs. He will use the area as a personal retreat so that he can check in on it from time-to-time.

The remaining sites are:

The Artemis Grove (5): Meliai
Southern Point in Danusylvania (2): Meliai
The Faerie Regio (4F): Meliai
The Aerie (7): Constantine
The Southern Town (3): Constantine
The Western Town (4): Gawain
The Faerie Aura (3F): Gawain
The Magical Regio (3): Artemis
The Northern Town (5): Artemis

We'll also have to figure out where we're going to found chapter houses, and how and when we're going to populate them. Truth be told, it would probably be easier to get recruits for these than it would be to get mundane colonists. We have contacts with covenants and mystery cults that would be fertile recruiting grounds. Lucius and Nimbus also have to be placed in a spot. I think it would be nicest for us to let them choose which chapter house to join when they come in.

My suggestion for chapter houses would be to pick the best Aura in each canton. That would give us:

Atlantia Chapter House
Founders Point (Level 5 Aura)

Danusylvania Chapter House
The Artemis Grove (Level 5 Aura)

Erehwon Chapter House
The Areie (Level 7 Aura)

Avalon Chapter House
The Western Town (Level 4 Aura)

Ragnarok Chapter House
The Northern Town (Level 5 Aura)

Obviously Meliai is building a pagan alter/shrine in each of her auras...

Does Meliai have a name in mind for the Level 2 Aura?

And I assume she'll station some priest(esses) there to keep watch on the places.

Constantine will be placing either a CtMT or his cut down version on all the sites with auras or regios, as a way to claim and intends

Keep in mind there are already ruins at each of the Aura locations in Erehwon. As an alternative, some of those could be cleaned up.

Sorry this wasn't finished - Constantine will be placing either a CtMT or his cut down version on all the sites with auras or regios, as a way to claim and intends to get them up and running as soon as he can. That includes a skeleton crew of guards permanently camped (the magical auras are important!).

Especially the aerie, and the vis cost is pretty cheap compared to the reconstruction time for the old ruins. Intending to use the ruins too, and keep the new structure styled akin to the old.

How large was the aerie, or is that up to us to define?

Further thought is to start the farming and field development at the old town in Erewhon, so it can supply the main covenant and the aerie too.

And I'll probably set Constantine's familiar to the aerie.

What am I saying? First she'd have to recruit some priests or priestesses.

Right now you have 100 covenfolk, including 15 armed grogs (5 shield grogs and 10 others). Most of the rest are servants or laborers. Any skeleton crews have to come from them until you recruit more people for the island.

Pans point will be the level 2 aura.
I'd also like the hills to be renamed from Verditious and Tytalus- Demeter hills and Mala's Mesa

I'll rename things when I have a chance to redo some of the maps.

IBT, you okay with Mala's Mesa as a name? You're stuck with some of those hills in your canton. I don't want to rename anything in your canton without your agreement.

All good.