Stalenric and The Fallen Star (2nd edition)

Hi all!

I was digging my Trial by Fire old supplement for story ideas yesterday when I noticed 2 products I was not aware had been released. Stalenric and The Fallen Fane (1991 edition).

Anyone has them? Are they any good?


Just took another look at Trial by Fire - and they read as 'Coming Soon', which probably didn't happen as White Wolf took over the line. The Fallen Star reads to be the same plot as 4th edition The Fallen Angel so presumably Atlas went ahead with publishing that once they got control back of the line.

Atlas's license expired and wasn't renewed. I'm not sure which side decided that; before my time. It may have been connected to third edition, because the license continued after WW took over, and Atlas actually got a license for Vampire, briefly.

Right. It was significantly modified, but that's the product.

I believe John never finished writing Stalenric.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile: The Fallen Star certainly looked old-ish in design when I read it but didn't think it was such an old design! I was more curious about Stalenric. Pitty it was not finished.


Yeah, Stalenric falls into the "well maybe someday I'll get around to it." And as David says, "The Fallen Star" was renamed "The Fallen Angel" and ultimately released as a 4th Edition adventure. It's long out of print, but available from e23 as a PDF:

I have the 4th edition fallen angel/fallen star. As I said it seemed to come from an older adventure design parameter than the more recent 4th edition supplements. It was still a good read to get a view of Dublin area in Ars. I have used the descriptions for that city and surrounding area heavily in our (recently finished) Partitio Monaviae/Manx saga. :slight_smile:

Get us informed if you end up releasing stalenric!