Standard location for Ars upload/download?

Hi All,
I am wondering if there is a site on the web where files are hosted. I can put up PDFs and Meta-Creator versions of various characters, labs and covenants.

I can host it myself, I just wondered if there was anywhere already.

BTW, I am not looking for any copyright materials - I just want to share things my friends and I have created using the rules in books we have purchased.

First place that comes to mind is Project Redcap, run by the illustrious Andrew Gronosky...

I looked at that, but it is a wiki and link site - not with uploads/downloads.

I seem to recall something from Andrew about being interested in hosting material. You could post it as a document to be viewed (for those without MetaCreator) and perhaps ask if he could host the file. MetaCretor files are pretty small, but it wouldn't hurt to ask.

One can upload files to Project Redcap, and we'd love to host Ars-related files. The page to upload them is at

You can then link to the files from the wiki, e.g. by adding a new covenant with links to its associated files to the Covenant Concepts page


You have to be a registered user and signed in to upload files. This is necessary to reduce spam.

Characters, covenants, etc. are all within scope of Project: Redcap. For example, if you have a covenant in the Stonehenge Tribunal, you could upload that file and post a link to it on the Stonehenge Tribunal page. If you have a character sheet for a companion, you could link it from the Companions page.

That said, I may need to do some technical work on the back-end to enable uploading Metacreator files. (There are certain file types MediaWiki supports and I need to hack the back-end to change that.) I can do it if there is serious interest.

How about ZIPing them? or some other compression format? They just need to be downloaded, not viewed on the site...

ZIPing them is acceptable but not necessary. Just uploading the PDFs is OK. In my opinion as a server administrator and computer-security researcher, ZIPing a file doesn't make it safer, it just works around silly (and ineffective) rules against specific file types.

I don't have time to work on Project: Redcap till Sunday at the earliest. After that, I will take a look at the server configuration to make sure it can take PDFs, and make sure the help page about how to upload files is complete and usable.

It would also be useful yo have files in the MetaCreator format so one doesn't have to do a lot of data entry. Do you need a sample file for testing?

Nope, I am a happy & frequent Metacreator user.

Sounds like there is some interest in this so I will devote part of Sunday to making it happen.

Hello all,

I have just tested out the Project: Redcap Wiki to make sure it supports uploading Metacreator files (.chr). I uploaded my magus, downloaded him, and he looked fine. (I then deleted that file from the Wiki because it was just a test.)

I wrote a Help:Files page that I hope explains what you need to know in order to use the file-upload feature. That help page is in its first draft, so if you find it confusing or incomplete, please comment on the Talk page for that article and I will try to revise. I prefer if people comment on specific Redcap pages inside Project: Redcap, instead of cluttering this forum.

Please feel free to go nuts uploading your cool stuff. :smiley: For material like the Vanilla Covenants project, master spell index, etc. I would love for people to upload that stuff, but make sure you have the author/maintainer's permission first.

Thank you for your interest and to everyone who has already uploaded material.

-Andrew Gronosky
Project: Redcap maintainer

Awesome, thanks!