started immortal wizards

I don't have access to all the 5th ed books.

Is there anywhere, in canon, an immortal wizard (Hermetic or otherwise) is statted up?

If you mean “ageless”, Mutationis Patronus in Tales of Power has undergone 2 of The Becoming Initiations, and no longer ages, although he’s neither immortal nor immune to Warping, just yet.

There is a classic foe in TTT that is statted out in very bare bones fashion as a spirit, and was/is non-Hermetic.

May be misremembering, but there might be a Mongol shaman example with a spirit bound inside; no longer ages, but Vituperation‘ll get him eventually.

There’s a magus that underwent the Living Ghost Mystery in Faith and Flame; he’s dead, but very much able to keep on keeping his agenda and doing whatever it is he does.

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RM p.42-44 has the description and stats of Viea, Trianoma's twin sister born in 705, who in 1220 is effectively an unaging "living goddess".


There’s a Learned Magician who has risen through the Cult of Dedun to become an Undying One in Lands of the Nile. If you want to spring The Mummy on your PCs, he’s your undead dude.

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...please, please tell me that's a pun on "the cult of Dead 'Un/Dead One"

I wasn’t involved so I can’t say, but the guy himself is a straight up Mummy homage, from his power to turn into a swarm of beetles to how he’s missing one cheek so you can see his jawbone move.

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Even more funny when pronouced in the other way its written. Despite that, no pun intended.