Starting a 5th Edition PBP game

I am starting up a PBP game for 5th Edition. Currently there are two Players. I am looking to find at least another Player or two. The saga will be highly focused on the characters (magi) and the covenant itself, being driven by Story Flaws, Hooks, and the personal plans and ambitions of the characters.

The game will be hosted on the website. The fundamentals for the game are still being developed. You can view the current discussions at the following link:

Please let me know if you are initerested in joining the game.


I'm interested in LURKING and possibly providing peanut gallery in OCC. I don't think I have time for another PbP. Is that an option. I'd essentially like to see how others besides my long term group approach Ars.

That's fine by me.

I have four potential Players now anyway. Not ready to take on more than that until I see how well the game plays out.

NZld, I noticed someone asked for a template for the character sheet. If you're interested, here is the sheet used in thrakhath's rpol saga:

[code]NOTE- be sure to hit "Quote", and copy the actual code itself, or all the html tags will be lost [bold, color, lines, etc] and you'll only have the raw text.


Character Name: (Insert Name Here) Player:
Character type: (Magus)(Companion)(Grog)
Covenant/Saga : Gender: Size: 0

Age: Year Born: Current Year: 1220 Decreptitude: 0
Confidence: 3 Current Score: 3 Twilight: 0

Visual Description/First Impressions:

Be sure to copy this info to appropriate area of Character Details!)

[b]Characteristics: Score Speciality[/b] Intelligence: Perception:




[b]Virtues & Flaws +/- Score Description[/b]
[b]Abilities[/b] Ability Score Experience Speciality (/+ "free" XP*) Talents Arcane Talents Finese 0 0 (specialty) Penetration 0 0 (specialty) General Talents Athletics 0 0 (specialty) Awareness 0 0 (specialty) Charm 0 0 (specialty) Climb 0 0 (specialty) Folk Ken 0 0 (specialty) Guile 0 0 (specialty) Concentration 0 0 (specialty)

Academic Skills
Disputio 0 0 (specialty)
Lectio 0 0 (specialty)
Scribe(language) 0 0 (specialty)
Combat Skills
Brawling 0 0 (specialty)
Single Weapon 0 0 (specialty)
Shield & Weapon 0 0 (specialty)
Two Weapon 0 0 (specialty)
Great Weapon 0 0 (specialty)
Chain Weapon 0 0 (specialty)
Longshaft Weapon 0 0 (specialty)
Thrown Weapon 0 0 (specialty)
Bow 0 0 (specialty)
Crossbow 0 0 (specialty)
Siege Weapon 0 0 (specialty)
Hermetic Skills
Certamen 0 0 (specialty)
Parma Magica 0 0 (specialty)
Performance Skills
Jongleur 0 0 (specialty)
Play(instrument) 0 0 (specialty)
Sing 0 0 (specialty)
Storytelling 0 0 (specialty)
Rogue Skills
Disguise 0 0 (specialty)
Forgery 0 0 (specialty)
Legerdemain 0 0 (specialty)
Pick Locks 0 0 (specialty)
Stealth 0 0 (specialty)
Social Skills
Bargain 0 0 (specialty)
Carouse 0 0 (specialty)
Etiquette 0 0 (specialty)
Intrigue 0 0 (specialty)
Leadership 0 0 (specialty)
Wilderness Skills
Animal Handling 0 0 (specialty)
Hunt 0 0 (specialty)
Ride 0 0 (specialty)
Survival 0 0 (specialty)
Swim 0 0 (specialty)
Work Skills
Boating 0 0 (specialty)
Chirurgy 0 0 (specialty)
Craft (type) 0 0 (specialty)
Wagoneering 0 0 (specialty)

Academic Knowledges
Artes Liberal 0 0 (specialty)
Civil and Canon Law 0 0 (specialty)
Medicine 0 0 (specialty)
Philosphiae 0 0 (specialty)
Speak Latin 0 0 (specialty)
Theology 0 0 (specialty)
Arcane Knowledges
Enigmatic Wisdom 0 0 (specialty)
Faerie Lore 0 0 (specialty)
Hermetic Law 0 0 (specialty)
Occult Lore 0 0 (specialty)
Magic Theory 0 0 (specialty)
Casual Knowledges
(Area) Lore 0 0 (specialty)
(Organization) Lore 0 0 (specialty)
Legend Lore 0 0 (specialty)

Speak (language) 4 0/(+10) (specialty)

(* For "starting" experience, from CharGen, add that value in parentheses,
to keep track of the value for total XP cost)

[b]Personality Traits Score Trait[/b]
[b]Reputations Score Target/Type[/b]
[b]Weapons INIT ATK DFN DAM STR Load SPC[/b]
[b]Armour: ]Type: Protection: Load:[/b]
Body Levels Soak Total: (Protection + STM + Size) Current: Unhurt Unhurt(0), Hurt(0), Light(-1), Med(-3), Heavy(-5), Incapacitated(NA)

Fatigue Levels
Fatigue Total: (STM - Enc)
Current: Fresh
Fresh(0), Winded(0), Weary(-1), Tired(-3), Dazed(-5), Unconscious

Equipment: (Load) Item Notes

Total Load: Encumbrance:
Enc = Str - Total Load

[u]Hermetic Traits:[/u] [i](DELETE FOR COMPANIONS!)[/i] [b]Wizards Sigil:[/b]

Magic Arts
Technique Score Exp Form Score Exp

Creo Animal
Intellego Aquam
Muto Auram
Perdo Corpus
Rego Herbam

Notes (re Virtues/Flaws, etc that effect the above.)

Tch/Frm # Name Description/Notes

[b]Background:[/b] [/tt][/code]

I haven't applied for your saga since I don't have the time. :frowning: I'm sure it will be grand.

Good luck with it ! :slight_smile:


Thanks, Yair.

Which I blatantly stole from another game I am in that seems to have died.

Great Sheet!

I'm always amazed at the time people are willing to put into these things!

That's a good thing! :wink:

Note that the above is 4th edition- you're on your own for a 5th ed version.

I was running a game with about 6 players, and, rather than try to sift through 12 different versions of a "character sheet", plus other itinerant versions and my own, I just adapted it from an existing 3.5 sheet and mandated that it was the standard. It grew over time, especially the formating etc.

btw- I give you all rights to use and distribute it as you wish. So now it's not nearly as "stolen" as it might otherwise have been. You're welcome.

Good Gaming.

I just signed up, I'm in. Let me know when you start this up.

I'd love to join but I have very little time in the day to post more than once or twice a day due to work/colage/homework. If I can be worked in as perhaps a reclusive magi that would be great.

I have 5 players at the moment, which may be enough for this medium. If either of you would be interested in playing a Companion character for the time being, I could get you into the game, then allow you to introduce a magus if another Player drops out, or if we determined adding a sixth or seventh magus would not impact the pace and performance of the game.

I now have openings for two Players. Please let me know if you have an interest in joining the game. You may request access to it via the website.

(Which may be having some short-term server problems of late, btw- so don't give up)