Starting a new Saga

So after a few years away I am starting a new game with a fresh group. We are setting it up in Flanders near Ypres on the western edge of the Time tribunal. There are a few folkloric and historical tidbits we already plan to use as hooks such as the fact that the textile hall would throw.catsnfrom the roof, believing a witch sent them to destroy the linen, and the fact that the oldest known image of the penis tree in marginalia comes from a monistary in the area
That said, it has been a while since I have set up a new Saga and any advice would be appreciated, especially anyone who has played a game in the area before.

  1. Remember that Dankmar rules (I played Evocatrix ex Miscellanea, filia Jiphella Praecantrix) :smiling_imp:
  2. What kind of advice do you seek?

Well, I haven't played for a while and the folks I'm playing with, while new to the game, are all hardcore SCA types. Anyone who could point me towards some good historical resources, or better yet an overview of what is happening in mythic europe at the time would have loads of thanks.