Statosphere - Logomancy

Recently I added some new statosphere material - Logomancy. It's magick powered by graffiti that grants power and awareness of the symbols that surround us. And hearing this site was back up- well, seemed like a good place and time to mention it.

It's revised from a version used in a recent campaign I played in with friends, so it's undergone plenty of revision and playtesting before I put it down.

If you take a look, feel free to tell me what you think, of course!

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Great idea, Julian! Thanks for posting the link, and big points for playtesting.

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Just bought it off DriveThruRPG. Looks interesting, and the medium of graffiti seems like an interesting mix of modern and retro. It could probably be expanded into cyber culture via memes and macros. Is all that stuff actually a magickal war between the benign and the toxic? Cute kittens vs. alt-right nazi trolls?

On the other hand, that might be taking it a little too close to reality.

I feel like you're going online stuff that could be a cool school all its own. You could definitely do some commentary on the disaster that is certain areas of the internet, but you'd have to hit that kind of generally-cynical-but-slyly-hopeful tone UA favors, I think.

A friend suggested expanding it to tattoos but, once again, I think that'd be better suited to some school out of its own. You just have to limit the scope creep at some point, and Logomancy is very much about publicly posted symbology.