Stats for a mountain goat?

Has anyone put together the stats for a mountain goat? If so, please share, if you wouldn't mind. Especially if it's a Goat of Virtue.

Thank you!

I did put together a fairy billy goat for one of the first adventures I ran. You might be able to cut and change some stuff, I gave it one power and eyeballed the stat lines - it was designed as an irritating fairy the players could negotiate with or fight, so it might be a bit weak.

Daddy Billy Goat Int 0, Per 0, Pre 0, Com -2, Str +2, Sta +2, Dex +1, Qik +3 Size -1 (Might 15)
Horns - Init +3, Atk +6 DFN +8 Dam +0
Hooves - Init +3, Atk +5 DFN +6 Dam +0
Skills - Brawl (Horns) 4, Athletics 2,

Power - Ramming speed (Perdo Corpus)
Hitting a target with his horns allows the goat to try to lame the target (PerCor lvl10, Touch, Sun, Individual) - Hampers the person without injuring them - laming them for the duration of the spell (making it hard to run or move quickly and imposing a -1 to all combat rolls)

Not sure if that's helpful?

That helps.

The power I was going to give it is similar to "Tossing the Brawling Brute", ReCo10 -- tosses the victim up to 25 ft, with impact damage applied.

The goats are guarding a faerie regio, keeping unwanted visitors away.

n.b ...
in Europe, you're probably looking at an "Ibex" or similar
the snowy-white, heavy-forequarter, short-black-horn "Mountain Goat" is strictly North-American

Unless of course you don't care about those sorts of issues!