Stats for a nightmare?

Has anyone statted out a nightmare (the black horse, flaming hooves and nasty fangs!) that they would be willing to share? It could be fae or infernal, but I am stuck on what kind of powers to give it. Would love some ideas!

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Never statted one out, but clearly in my opinion, start with RoP:M for magical horse stats. They should be based on the big destrier, but probably have the racing horse Qik and Dex.

Flaming Hooves should be about Palm of Flame level
Immunity to Fire
Fangs could be built using the Bjornear rules or maybe the RoP:M book.
ReAn for running faster than normal
CrMe for Fear Aura

To me, this means a Might 25 or so beast to buy all the appropriate state increases and powers.

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