Steam Elemental


I'm new to the forums, but I love what I've read so far. I just wanted to pitch a question to the community. My character is a Flambeau Elementalist, and my schtick is the blending of the elements.

To that end, I am working on creating a Steam Elemental that blends Auram, Aquam, and Ignem into one Elemental. I'm thinking about making it a Might 20 or Might 25.

I just wanted to check with the community to see what properties they think it might have and what difficulty I would be looking at for creating it?

Also, what about the creation of a magic item designed to control it (dangerous if I lose that sucker, heh).


Welcome aboard :slight_smile:

I am extremely bad at designing creatures, so I will not be of much help here. However, some parameters I would use.

  1. It would be vulnerable to all 3 Forms. Resistant to them all, but not necessarily by much.

  2. It should be able to manipulate all 3 elements and take advante of his changing form, so it can act as mist to pass under a door or escalate a structure and at the same time act as a boiling mass to embrace someone in deadly heat

A steam elemental sounds exactly like the kind of stuff that an elementalist could do. Good thinking there. I would give it one of those "can cast spells of the form up to level 10-15" for all 3 forms.

Looking forward to see your design :slight_smile: