Stepping back into the game - house rule advice.

Hey all,

I've just been informed that in two weeks I'm going to be running a marathon 1 day session of FS. The person who was going to run their game is tied up with time problems. Or more specifically... the lack of time.

So. I'm blowing the dust off of the books and I'm itching at the chance. But I could use a bit of help in one rule department and the whole scenario department. I'll post a request for help with the scenario on another thread to keep this one from getting cluttered up.

The rule I am contemplating:
One thing that always bugged me was the vast difference 1 point of AV made, but I couldn't think of an elegant way to nudge the system towards something more to my liking without hosing up the whole system.

Basically, when I ran before, every player made a beeline for raising their AV as high and as fast as possible as they all figured out real quick that that was the only stat that really mattered.

One thing occurred to me that might work adjust this. Swap out d6s for d10s and reduce the damage from outcome by half (damage = .5 outcome + damage - toughness) in combat. All other dice, including fortune, would remain at D6s.

Here are what I think the results would be:

  • The variability of the typical combat would be greater. You would go from:
    2.7% extreme negative (-6,+1)
    39.9% other negative outcome
    16.6% net zero (same number on both dice)
    39.9% positive outcome
    and 2.7% extreme positive (+6,-1) with d6s

to a 1%/44%/10%/44%/1% with D10s.

The increase in possibilities both good and bad should level the playing field somewhat. A low AV character will miss on an average or bad roll, but that good roll they need is somewhat more possible. On the converse a high AV character will hit on an average or good roll, but that chance of missing is also somewhat greater.

  • Open ended rolls become less likely, but have more extreme effects when they do.

  • With outcome being cut in half that reduces some of the effect of extreme die rolls under the d10 thought as well as further shaving the advantage that high AVs have over low AVs in terms of raw damage.

While I am not married to the idea as things stand now I find the idea of changing to d10s worth the inelegance and somewhat greater hassle of using two different types of dice in the game, but I am wondering if there are any unintended consequences that I am missing.


Switching d6s for d10s was the first thing I did in my own simplification of Feng Shui in another thread: [url]]

I didn't bother with changing the damage from outcome, though. Seems an unnecessary over-complication to me. Same with still using d6s for Fortune dice. Just use the same die-type for everything and it balances itself out.

If you want to flip the dice, flip the dice. I would not use any system that involves multiplication or division for damage. Even if it's just divide by .5

FS is fast and furious. If you can't figure it out outcomes in your head in less than a one second, the 'mods' are taking to long in my opinion. Fast math, simple rolls, all these contribute to the fun of FS. That's my take. Have fun!

Marathon FS. Ah, to dream!