Stepping back into the game - scenario advice

Hey all,

As I mentioned in the other post I made, I'm up for running a marathon 1 day session in two weeks and was hoping for some help in fleshing out the basic skeleton I have right now.

(DJ, et al - if you happen to find your way to these forums, if you would be so kind as to pass this discussion on by...)

The basic idea is that I want to run this as a pair of "movies", complete with title. Something akin to "Forgiven Dragon I and II". I figure the title will come when the adventure is fleshed out but it's amazing what lacking this little detail is doing to bug me.

Everyone is going to start from the modern junction with no idea about the secret war or the other junctions. Most of the major details will come out during the adventure. (Heck - just the basics of the war could make for a campaign)

I plan on starting out movie 1 with the good ole' Baptism of Fire but changing it to reflect the player's hooks. They are then introduced to

Right after Baptism the players will somehow be introduced to ...someone... working to rebuild the Dragons. I'm liking Johnny Tso for this role. I intend to send the player's bits of the Johnny stories from the main book over the next two weeks so there will be a resonance and back story before we start.

Johnny gives 'em a job which sounds like it's the 2nd half of the first movie, but it all goes wrong fast. Something something Johnny gets taken out by Ascended leaves just enough info to get the players to meet Kar Fai and the Prof and then something something the evil plot gets foiled, the players are attuned to a site and learn about the overwhelming nature of the war and the fact that they are the only good guys left to fight the good fight.

Roll credits. Break for lunch/dinner. Spend xp.

In II, I don't even have a clue of where to go. But like all good sequels it should be bigger then the 1st. I'm toying with the idea of either involving a critical shift in the middle of it, or maybe even ending with a critical shift in case we want to go for III.

Any ideas on how to flesh this out would be welcome. I'm on a short timeline here. :slight_smile:

I you want them to go for a spectacular, but self-contained finale for the second movie, how about a desperate assault on one of the monarch's pagodas? There's a lot of stuff you can do with it, but it needn't spread too far.

Get one faction on board for bulk support (maybe the Jammers or another monarch) and play out the showdown with one of the six most powerful sorcerers who ever existed...