Steward and Chamberlain: what's the difference?

I am (foolishly) trying to work on my newly set up covenant without my main rule book (which got given to one of the two married couples in my game so they could do their list of Lab Texts). And I'm trying to figure out what the difference is between the Steward ability and the Chamberlain ability and whether the single specialist Autocrat the Covenant can run to needs both.

Help please!

Arf... Good question, I can't seem to remember. Was it in Covenants?

EDIT: Got it. 5 minutes.

The turb captain?

Wacky placement of info and no index...

So two seperate man-management skills? Plus Leadership. Hmmm. Thanks.

The turb captain oversees the grogs.
So that's 3 man-management skills.

Leadership is usefull to get obeyed, but gives no management skills.

I read a book called The Middle Ages by... Philip MOrris? Somethign MOrris I think.

Where he talks about the various people in a castle and how they relate to a lord.

Ne mentions Chamberlain. As I recall. Chamberlain comes from Chamber, the Chamberlain was responsible for the well being of the Lord's Chambers itself. Clothing. Dressing and what not. Uh. and quite sickly by our standards.. he watched over the lord while he uh... evacuated himself and cleaned the lord after such an action.

While you and I might find this a little bit sick in modern terms, back then to be named to be SO close to a lord in such a situation where he was so obviously sort of vulnerable was a deep honor and privilege.

So realistically, one would assume a Chamberlain for a Group of magi would be concerned about those Magi's chambers, the cut and condition of their clothes, and similar bedroom concerned duties.

A steward is appointed by the lord of a given area to represent the lord when the lord is unavailable, or when the lord doesn't want to be present at an official function. I'd imagine a steward would best be considered to be the Magi themselves in a given situation when the Magi can't or don't want to deal with something. More likely he's the point man for the coven folk dealing with the Magi, who makes the decision whether or not something a coven member thinks is important is important enough to bother the Magi with.

((What scares me is I may be messing Chamberlain up with the religious person who is at the castle.. I'm pretty sure I am not. But... Then there is the Seneschal to worry with))

Remember that an autocrat does replaces the positions of both Chamberlain & Steward in most covenants.

Hope magi do not need to evacuate when the autocrat is holding public office, or we will have quite a grotesque situation! :laughing: