Sticks and Stones Chunk Defense

Can I play GRAB + DISARM as an immediate defense to a CHUNK played on me, or must I do this on my turn?

The rules are confusing because they seem to suggest that a GRAB can only be played out of turn if preceeded by a BLOCK (e.g. you JAB me, I BLOCK, then GRAB). Since CHUNK cannot be BLOCKED how can a defending player play GRAB, then DISARM?

I like to think of Chunk as a combtant who grabs a handfull of stones and then start hurling them.

You cannot block any one single thrown object (and therefore cannot use disarm as a defense in this case). It's a missile weapon, afterall, and the object has already left their hand.

Grab + Disarm is the act of stepping up and knocking away the combatants stash of rocks, therefore removing their ability to throw in the future.


so do you still take initial damage?

Yep, if you cannot Dodge then consider yourself beaned!