[Sticks & Stones] Hippie

So pretty much Hippie has absolutely no use whatsoever when only playing with 2 players?

Umm, yes I guess so!

That sucks because sometimes it's only me and one other person, and we can't think of any purpose for Hippie with only 2 people.

One of the best house rules our group has is...

"You can only turtle cards up to the number of opponents you have."

Basically, this means as the game narrows down from 12 people to under five... you can't discard your whole hand to draw new cards. An absolutely excellent control of the "I turtle every turn trying to get only good cards" crap that happens with the basic rules.

This then means that when it is down to just 2 people slugging it out for the title (we have a rotating trophy for the winner each week) clearing your hand is very hard, because you can usually only get rid of 1 card per turn. Hippee doesn't really do anything, but the play of "Hippee... Roundhouse" at least gets two cards out of your hand, which is crucial in the end game of LM.

Just a thought.

Best opening hand... Distraction/Humiliation/Uppercut2/Hail Mary/Weird. :smiling_imp:

Here's another option (in the 2nd half of the thread) addressing hand-dumping: