Stonehenge saga

Because I am apparently rather masochistic, I have decided to run another saga. This one will be run at RolePlay onLine, set in Stonehenge (specifically, South Shropshire) starting in 1220.

Ideally, I am looking for players who can commit to posting on a regular basis, without a whole lot of time between (and by "a whole lot time" I mean no more than a few days, a week tops), and who are good about letting the troupe know if they're going to be away for a while.

I am also looking for players who play well with the others (I've seen games, both irl and on pbp, suffer greatly due to inter-player conflict, and I don't want that to happen here).

The saga will be greatly player-driven, starting with covenant creation, with input from the players as to what kind of saga they want to play in.

Caveat: there will be much geek-fu involved, so expect [strike]plagiarizations of[/strike] homages to Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and whatever other fandoms we belong to.

I would like to try to get play started the last weekend in November (which is Thanksgiving weekend, in the USA), which gives us, hopefully, plenty of time to get everything in place.

Can I play? I don't know a whole lot about Stonehedge, but I love Ars! My character summary is in the "players looking" thread if you need to see if my concept fits. If not, let me know!

I'd be interested in playing as well. I'll see what others are playing before making a decision on what I play.

If my first idea doesn't pan out, I could play a Lineage of Pralix seeker from Ex Misc :slight_smile:

I'm interested in joining this. I have an account over at Rpol so shall I request to join the game there or wait for your approval here?

If there's still room, I'd be interested as well.

Wow. I didn't expect such a response. Everyone from here, back draws a line in the thread can come over, but that's all that I anticipate having room for.

If any openings come up, I'll post again.

And, again, thank you for the enthusiasm.

Great! I've requested access on the other site; looking forward to playing!

Aw, have I missed the boat on this? I've been pondering whether to try an ArM game (I haven't played it before, and sadly only have the ArM 4 book - but I'm a quick learner!) and I figured a brand new campaign might work out; but I wasn't looking when the call went out. :frowning:

Unfortunately, we're full up at the moment. If we have an opening, though, I'll shoot you a pm.