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(Moved the posts partaining to changes in the characters to the relevant topics.)

Bumping this thread as well. Since some of the characters have be reworked, this may change things.

Let's try to focus on the magi. What will each of them attempt to do during the next few seasons? There are several areas that require their attention, as far as I can see, so I'd like to know what their priorities are and where their efforts will be concentrated. Or even if they will just sit back and study from their limited resources.

Perhaps one of the order of business in the New Blood thread should be a council meeting? Just so the magi can discuss amongst themselves what they want to do.

A description of what Herman sees would help me. A council meeting probably makes sense.
Herman will want to look for vis sources and regios. And do some studying if there are useful books. Figuring out some sort of structure that Herman can set up as another lab, and determining how much it will cost to get the remain parts from what I have and what the covenant already has would also seem useful. It may make sense for us to give classes to each other as well, but that is probably not first on the agenda. If we can get a lab set up, and can spare the vis, a lesser enchantment that can help our grogs find potential vis sources is probably also on the list. (Yes, Herman can make long lists, and then get distracted by something curious.)

A council meeting to start with now that we are three magi sounds good. Let's continue with the New Blood story and that may lead to that council meeting.
We should discuss buildings and construction for certain. When is Lothar arriving? Next season?
Another lab is important to get ready when we have a building to put it in.

Japik wants to explore the sea and going up to the pillars north of Helgoland.
Then he also wants to try to improve relations with the villagers but he is not sure how to approach them.
Study-wise Terram will be high on his list of interest now after the changes, but we have no book of that Art so it will be slow for him.

He is supposed to arrive sometimes during the Spring season. Yulia didn't have a specific date for you.

The Covenant Description topic includes some detailed descriptions of the various areas. I simply need to update it to add the description of the former inn.

Prochorus tries a different strategy to finding vis: He casts Personal Charm and life-sponts Notes of a Delightful Sound on himself and heads to a place in Meden where people pass by, and sings and plays his kantele. Instead of payment, he asks for stories about the island. He says he is gathering them to make songs about the town, island, and surroundings. He may apply Posing the Silent Question or even Trust of Childlike Faith if absolutely necessary, but tries not to.

I'm not sure how Notes of a Delightful Sound should be designed to work outside for this purpose. Is it +1 Touch to affect sounds that exit Prochorus, +2 Sun, and Ind? That would make it level 4.

I think T:Ind would mean a single sound would be affected. What you'd need in this case if T:Group. A bit harder. But on the other hand, you could use D:Performance (Performance Magic) which is the equivalent of D:Conc.

That would make it level 5 (Base 1, R:Touch +1, D:Performance +1, T:Group +2).

I'll spin out the beginnings of a story sometimes later this week.