[Story] Fabrica's Sanctum later that night


Mathius walks up to Fabrica's Sanctum and knocks clearly. He stands patiently waiting to be let in. No-one can see it, but his eyes dart from side to side as he strains his ears checking to see if he is being observed.

Fabrica opens the door in his night shirt holding a smoking pipe in one hand and his staff in the other.

"Mathius...I wasn't expecting you so soon. Is everything OK? Perhaps we can talk in my studio."


Mathius enters into the studio, glancing backwards to make sure he is unobserved. He accepts Fabrica's offer of tea and looks around the room carefully. His slow gaze examines everything in sight and calculates it's value. He does no magics, but anyone can tell he is eager to explore the devices in the room.

"As I said at dinner, I will be travelling to Verdi in the spring, and should hopefully be back by autumn. During that time my workshop is at your disposal - though I will need it to be functional when I return. Now as to the matter we discussed a while ago - I have passed on your name to those who taught me. They will be watching you to see if your craft is good enough and if your temperament will fit in with our aims. Over the next few seasons you will be observed, services may be put forward, secrets offered, all to test you. I cannot tell you how to act, or what the correct path is, that is for you to decide."

He looks Fabrica in the eye and continues "But remember this Fabrica - if you are offered a place amongst us, you must be willing to put OUR good before your own. It is not what you get from the group, but what you bring it. Wealth, Honour, Glory and Power will come in their time, but what is demanded of all of us is obedience and sacrifice. We help each other as we can, we pass commissions amongst each other if we have a surplus, and we protect or avenge each other!"

"Tell me Fabrica, can you put others ahead of yourself. Can you devote seasons of work to the cause for free? Can you place yourself into danger for no reward? Can you obey those above you? If you can, and if you can prove it, then you may find a place amongst us."

"If, however, you are not offered a place - you must never speak of us to anyone. For we guard our secrets most closely."

Mathius finishes his drink, shakes himself slightly, and says "Now, how about we have a look at those lab-texts?"

Fabrica took on a look of concentration that could be confused with a frown as he considered his Mystery Brother's words. Fabrica was intelligent and also knew himself well. He had an ego, of that there was no doubt. Could he serve others like that? He wasn't certain but he'd try.

He didn't answer Mathius's queries, merely nodded after his contemplation.

"Ah yes. Here are the books, I didn't have much chance to look through them other than finding out what they were. Here, let's take a look."

Fabrica excuses himself brielfy to retrieve the books from his Sanctum.