[Story]Harvest Moon

Perhaps some Perdo Vim magic should be employed then? You can not stand this plague eternal. Is there anything else that I should be aware of? It has been my impression that this covenant holds many secrets and hidden lore.

"Lad, you've a gift for understatement," says Angus, laughing. " Many doesn't begin to describe the number of secrets and lore hidden in this covenant. 'Tis nearly 300 years old, this forgotten corner of the order. We've the sidhe, and all the trouble that can bring; Deirdre's presence has been more than enough to keep them at bay. The others, the Tuatha De and Daoine Sidhe respect Lady Mab, and relations are peaceful. The churchmen in the town have been here since the days of St. Patrick, and we've always gotten along. 'Tis the other beasts that "go bump in the night" that cause problems. Those souls that are cursed, or damned."

Azaelle smiles and nods respectfully.

"Thank you, Caleb. Tea would be fine."

She enters said "soodio" and looks around as though taking inventory of every brick and wondering about the sword.

Caleb takes the pot off the stool and fetches water outside. Azaelle hears him say 'Hot!' presumably to the pan which he puts back on the stool as steam begins to rise.

"Fab makes wonderful things! I love these, makes it so easy when in the field." said Caleb as he dips a grimy finger into the water to test its temperature. "Should be done in a few minutes." he said and stepped out.

Fabrica walks in a few minutes later dressed and carrying his staff and a tea kettle.

"Good morning Azaelle. This is my studio, I haven't been able to appoint it properly yet, I've been too busy." He pours the steaming pot of water into the kettle and allows the tea to brew for a bit. "Well, how can I help you?"

"I thought of a project I would like to do but, for the life of me, I couldn't think of how to go about it. When I was back home it always helped to discuss it with someone else. I don't know what is your area of expertise, exactly, but the things you make- (she gestures around the room) are all very clever, so I thought I would consult you. Why not, right?"

She smiles warmly and hands him a rolled up scrap of vellum. Upon inspection, he finds it scrawled with drawings and something written in French. It is almost impossible to understand, particularly if he doesn't read French.

Fabrica smiles warmly, he is definitely vulnerable to flattery. He pours the tea into a cup through a thin cloth to help strain some of the leaves and herbs and hands her a steaming cup and sips his own.

"Well thank you. I'm glad you appreciate my craft." he takes a look at the scrap, squinting at the handwriting. "Yes, if you could translate I'll see if I can help you with your quandary."

She spreads out the page on the bench in front of them and points to a rough drawing with some scribbles and some words that Fab can't read.

"This is my lab. The interesting thing about it is that it is nowhere near by- Not even close, but the entrance is. It is always within seven league stride (she holds out her hand and shows Fabrica a small stone ring) from wherever I happen to be. It moves. The entrance moves. The lab does not."

For once, Azaelle's characteristic lost expression is gone. Magic, even talk of it, makes her happy.

"What I want to do is make it close in one place but open in another. I thought of it last night when I was wishing I had a certain book, no longer available to me. I was lamenting the distance from Loch Callite and then I realized I was not at Loch Callite. I was many many leagues away but with no way out other than through Loch Callite. At first I thought 'It can't be done.' but thats nonsense. Everything can be done. I can accept if it can be done but not by me, but I can't accept that it can't be done."

She tilts her head as if she was challenging him in a playful sort of way.

"What do you think?"

Fabrica thinks about the issue for several seconds before responding.

"Well, it can be done, but perhaps it is not as simply as you'd like. I'd need to know a bit more about the method of transportation to be certain."

"It sounds like you have a magic item that produces an effect of the Seven League Stride, or the Leap of Homecoming, Rego Corpus, 6th magnitude or greater. For the Seven League stride it allows you to move to where you can see, or what you have an Arcane Connection to. The Leap of Homecoming allows you to teleport to a location that again you have a connection to. It is the Connection that is the key, for we need to see or perceive what we intend to affect, we do not have much of a way around that."

"That being the case, if you want to be able to transport to multiple places you need multiple effects and multiple connections. That ring likely contains an Arcane Connection within it that allows you to transport to the lab opening. Now you say that the entrance moves, how is that? What is the entrance? It sounds to me that the entrance is a kind of Hermes Portal, that you transport to, and from there through it, is that the case? Tell me more about the different aspects of it. Is it a product of ancient magic? A different Realm? This will help get what you achieve."

"Though I doubt we will find a solution that will allow you to transport back from anywhere, such a discovery is likely beyond us. But then again, it would make us famous throughout the Order, on a level with the Founders."

"That's right. The ring is enchanted with Seven League Stride. That was my doing. What I was hoping to create- and I never thought it would be easy- is a way to open a door to a place of which I have no arcane connection. Maybe I can go there and get the arcane connection after I get there. Yes that would involve breaking the limits of time a little bit but I am not above such things. There are many other possibilities as well."

She looks thoughtful for a moment.

"The problem with the entrance is... that I don't know how it works. It's, as you said, like a Hermes Portal... sort of, but it has other properties that I don't think a Hermes Portal has..."

"I must have made it. Who else could have done it?... but I don't remember. I don't remember doing that. I have tried to write it down but-" She smiles and gestures at the scrawled page on the bench. "I am not so good at the writing down of things... You know, I don't care for fame. I loathe attention. It only brings me grief. If you should help me with such a thing, please do me a favor and enjoy all the credit."

She says this with complete sincerity.

Fabrica raises an eyebrow at the strange account of the entrance.

"You're not certain if you created it or not? Perhaps you were in a Twilight then."

"However..." Fabrica smiles "we can't break the limits of time, by a little bit or a lot, it makes no difference. Things that have yet to happen can only be influenced by things we do now and the natural consequences of those actions. Things that have already happened cannot be affected by us through magic or mundane action."

"The inventors of the Hermes Portal, arguably one of the greatest magical inventions, pales in comparison to what you're descrbing. Travel to a place that you cannot perceive, yet have no Connection to. That breaks several laws." he sighs and closes his eyes as he thinks about the issue a bit more.

"There are some things that can be done, magical phenomena that can be used to your advantage possibly. That would be Regionnes. Regionnes are on the other side of the air we breathe and the lands we see. Yet they touch in many places at the same time, and have entrances in many places and can provide travellers a fast way to traverse great distances. The problem is that it is difficult to control or predict their affects. However...there are certain magical principals that allow Magi to manipulate this phenomena. I don't know much about this, but it is called Sacred Geometry. That allows one to control to a certain extent Regionnes. I've heard that one can even create Regionnes over time, and temper their Aura."

"That being said, it might be a lot of work, and I don't know any that know this secret."

Fabrica leans back and takes a sip of tea when his eyes open wide and he nearly drops the cup.

"I think...I might have it..!" he gasps.

As Fabrica describes Regionnes, she hangs on his every word, nodding in agreement that she must have been in a twilight. It makes perfect sense. She is about to ask him if he knows if there might be a book on sacred geometry as Loch Callite when he jumps up and startles her, almost causing her to spill her tea. She recovers and drinks a gulp even though it's hot.

"What? What is it?"

Fabrica puts down the tea so he doesn't spill it, his eyes gleam with the possibility of discovery and he raises his hands to gesture and illustrate his thoughts.

"You still need a Connection, there isn't a way around that. But! Some of the Mysteries do allow for different kinds of Connections, do they not?! New Ranges, new Targets! How can you touch another land while you remain in your sancta? How might a mundane do this?"

He pauses for a moment to see if Azaelle is seeing his point.

"Maps! A discovery could possibly be made that would allow a map to serve as the Connection! It already has the Sympathetic connection, we might be able to make it act as an actual connection! Then, you would design your spell, similar to Leap of Homecoming, Rego Corpus, but instead of a range of Arcane Connection it would be a range of Map! Then you could travel anywhere that you had a map of! It's so simple!"

Fabrica actually has to sit down and mop his brow with a shaking hand on his sleeve.

"That's positively brilliant!"

She does a very good impression of Rodin's "The Thinker". and after a moment, looks up.

"You can break the limits of time though, or at least... make it look like you did. Everything breaks if you hit it hard enough." She grins like a Tytalus. "Moments ago, you just said the problem we are thinking about would break several laws, then you thought of a way to do it. You are a genius, Fabrica."

Fabrica finishes mopping his brow and takes a shuddering breath; inspiration can be taxing.

"Yes...well thank you. But...but this just the hypothesis. Actually bringing it about will be quite difficult. Ask the Bonisagus...he can tell you about the difficulties of a new discovery. The actual application is not as major or groundbreaking I should think. We are not breaking or even really bending the laws. We still need a map, and the map would likely need to be both current and acuurate. But...I think it could be done."

"We should find out though if this has already been attempted or is currently being researched. If it is we could save ourselves plenty of time and effort. Again, let us ask the new Bonisagus, perhaps send some letters out as well."

Albertus looks into the night, obviously the man next to him where not interested in answering his questions. Good night good sir, Albertus nods at the man next to him and takes a stroll within the covenants walls and then return to his quarters. He sits down at his desk and makes a few notes in his diary about the nights events.

"Let's go find him then." She stands up, rolls up the page she had earlier spread out on the bench and waits expectantly for Fabrica to join her.

Fabrica nods eagerly and picks up his staff, offering his other arm to Azaelle.

"Let's find him, perhaps he's at his lab. If not then we'll get some breakfast and mybe fin him there."

"By the way...what's his name again..? Albertus right?"

"C'est exact, monsieur."

She takes his arm and they head off to find Albertus.

Fabrica heads out towards the guest labs, to his recollection Albertus was there for now. Caleb waves to him, gesturing, asking if he needs a guide. Fabrica waves him off.

"His heart is in the right place, but he has no sense of direction. He'd get lost finding his own chamber pot in the morning...Ah here we are!"

Fabrica knocks on Albertus's door.

Come in, Albertus yells. Albertus moves up to open the door and welcomes his soldaes into the non-sanctum area. The walls are covered with his rather ugly paintings and there is a plain table to sit at with some equal plain chairs. What brings you here my soldaes? Care for something to drink? I have a bottle of wine somewhere.