Story suggestions

Here I wish that you write if you have any suggestions about what kind of stories you wish to play. Also I wish to know if there is anyone besides me who would like to tell stories. If you don’t have a story seed then just write if there is some kind of stories that you wish to have. For example if you have a magus who is a seeker then some hunts for lost treasures perhaps are what you are looking for.

Well, as I designed my Redcap as a very social character, I'd prefer to see some situations where his skills can be put to use! ( Hermetic Politics come to mind ) Also since he'll be heavily involved in trading, I'd like to see stories surrounding that. Maybe a competitor needs to be 'rubbed out' as it were, or there's some sort of problem with the shipments, maybe an overzealous Q is causing issues...

He's a Redcap, so when all the other Magi go off to go beat on things with sticks, he'll be at home counting his Vis! Granted, I'm making him a decent hand in a fight, but he's no Magus. Anyway, hopefully that should give you a rough idea of what kind of stories I'm looking for?

I like stories of high adventure, danger, action and combat.
But of course! I am that Flambeau guy!
I also like telling stories. And seeing as I am an obnoxiously proud Greek, I do have an interest in injecting Theban cultural and ethnic flavor in the saga.

As something of a history nut, I would love stories involving the church/the divine, or others of a sort closely-rooted in real medieval history. In my opinion, the real grist that makes Ars Magica work so well is the tension between the fantastical side of the magic and the very real problems of medieval europe. Unfortunately, most of the plots pit magic against magic, and set the magi against largely fantastical problems, while ignoring the very interesting problems faced by trying to deal with mundanes despite the Code. I've also noted that a LOT of our magi have the Gentle Gift, which implies a certain level of interest in working with mundanes.

The other plots that really make me tick are plots between magi, and I expressly designed my magus to be something of a catalyst. I would LOVE if someone would be willing to work to make their magus a foil for mine (faith would be a good angle, with the excommunicate thing and all), and vice versa. One of the things that drew me to this game was the promise of playing a game that isn't just write-a-new-covenant; I would love to see the relative freedom of an "Anarchy Covenant", as Max put it, blossom into rivalries and in-fighting among the magi themselves.


Please remember though, that the eastern church is independant (and different) from the catholic church.
And while the crusaders are imposing catholicism in/near Constantinople, the rest of the tribunal is still orthodox.

I'm interested in my Companion (to be defined presently) getting involved in mundane politics, courtly plotting, intrigue and general murkiness. I expect to play him more than my Mage, by a considerable margin, and may (Max willing) create a thread about his creation just as I will for the Mage himself.

Create any extra characters you wish. The saga will however have a magus focus unless you wish for something else.