storyguide screen for Ars Magica 5th edition


I found out that a GM screen was available for 4th edition (called "Parma Fabula"). Is there any plan to publish one for 5th edition?


Nope, sorry. We've found that they're hard to make pay for themselves.


Even if provided with an other book?

For instance a core book reprint containing the screen, or a scenarios book containing the screen?

Incorporate valauble magical resonances and sell them as a gimmick items. We are all weak minded fools here easily taken in by 'valuable beads' and would gladly throw our cash at such a marvel!

Easier still, put out the screen in pdf format laid out so that it can be printed off in pages, then assembled by players.

Simple really, print off the screen as pages, and tape or glue them down to construction paper or put them in transparent sleeves and place them in a three ring binder.

If Ars fans wanted to put something like this together, we'd be happy to put it up on the Ars Magica page for download. :slight_smile:

I have created a Fifth Edition screen which you can download for free from my site. It's designed to be printed and inserted into the customizable GM screen Pinnacle Games makes. Hope that helps.


I own the Pinnacle screen and use Mad Irishman's screen insert. Excellent aide in play!

Though now I'm wanting one for Disputatio, ala the Societates book.

Thanks Mad Irishman!