Strange thing with Movement Rates in LoM


I really like the added detail for combat that has been added to the game with Lords of Men. However, I find the rules for movement a bit strange. Now, in the usual situations, where humans are fighting humans, there's no trouble. But what happens if a group of grogs are attacked by a huge giant? Being huge, it doesn't have a lot of Quickness, and the grogs could easily outrun it. Is this an oversight? Or should maybe the Size also be added to the mix when figuring out movement rate? Bigger folks have longer strides, even if they react slowly. And it goes the other way too. A brownie might be very quick, but it wouldn't be hard to outrun it, because he's so small :slight_smile:


Maybe you should simply add Size to the movement formula? (Works for small things too)

According to Giant Blood, Size +2 is only equivalent to 8', so the movement gain should only be small after all (though you don't get Qik reduction for that),