Strengthening Familiar Bonds - Rules Question

Hello there, I need some guidance on Familiar Bonding. I read the rules different to another player in the campaign. He has a Bonding Lab Total of 42 - so needs 9 vis and will get 42 'XP' (for want of a better term) to spend across the 3 chords.

He reads the rules so as to believe that in a further season, he could use another 9 vis, and get a further 42 xp to spend across the bonds. I read it that one would only strengthen bonds when one's lab total had increased, and then would receive the differential in 'XP' (and spend the differential in vis). So, in this example, if his lab total latter increased to 55, he could spend a season and (11 minus 9 =) 2 more vis to obtain (55 minus 42 =)13 more 'XP' to spend on strengthening the bonds.

Can anyone advise if either view is correct (or rather, what the correct view is).

Thank you kindly good folk


You are correct.

Yes indeed, you are correct.

I concur with your judgment.

[how many more ways we can say he's right?]

So, what you're saying is, I'm right then.


That's about right then.

Thanks all!! :smiley:

With the hope of providing some clarity in this madly raging controversy, let me say that I agree with Namgyal.

Thanks again.


Didn't mean to stir up a hornet's nest.

Still, what's done is done and all that.

I hope once the dust settles everyone can be friends again.

This must be what a dispute feels like at a Tribunal. . .

It's odd... I've never seen everyone so happily in agreement... No one even offering a diverging viewpoint for the sake of theoretical arguement. It's... It's really kinda beautiful. :wink: