Study Requirement Flaw Example Lists?

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Has anyone ever made a list of examples study requirements for each art? How would you go about determining when a larger quantity of material is needed, by points of experience or by level of art?


I don’t have a list of examples, but I’d definitely rule the requirements increase by the level of your Art, not by experience point cost, since the latter would give even more benefits to Affinity. Affinity does not need further incentivization.

I once had a go at creating a list but wasn't happy with what I came up with. With 24 examples across 15 arts, we get 9 with 2 examples (offering you a tiny idea into how it scales) and 6 with 1 example each.

Vim scales obviously (At art 0 you need a magic aura of at least 1. At Art 25, you need a magic aura of 6 - so filling in the intermediate steps with increasing aura requirements is straightforward) but the rest don't, and some have quite extreme requirements. Trying to control someone's transformations for Muto seems quite challenging for hermetic magi, as does having multiple magical animals to dissect, while being in a huge fire or in a hurricane are quite achievable for Hermetic magi who commission an item from other magi.

OK, I posted the lists to my blog at

There are more gaps than I'm happy with, but it's a start.

That's really handy. Thanks, darkwing. This came up for the first time in my saga the other day; the Merinita has Study Requirement and hadn't spent a season studying an art yet. First one she wants to study? Imaginem. * sighs and desperately tries to think of an appropriate 'presence of the art' * [It ended up being a lovely view of the Rhine Gorge, by the way]

Whoo hoo Darkwing!

Great stuff, thanks! I'll do my best to help flesh this out in the coming weeks/months/years. :slight_smile:


I have some minor thoughts.

Creo high level, studying during someone or thing giving birth.

Intellego: studying in a mosaic, surrounded by complex smell mixtures, enveloped in noise and whispers, etc.

Muto: in the presence of a chameleon (may also apply to Imaginem)

Perdo: In utter darkness, in icy cold

Rego: In a (sail) boat following the winds or drifting by the currents

Animal: ingesting a variety of animals

Herbam: ingesting bark, experiencing the effects of toxic plants, rooted for a long period (feet buried in the ground, exposed to the elements)

Imaginem: An impressionistic painting (not true to period, I know), experiencing a fata morgana

I had another thought sparked by the Vim requirements.

For each form, an ever purer representative of the essence needs to be part of the study. For instance, in a magical level 1 regio find a perfect specimen of eagle, then find the embodiment of a bird of prey in another higher level regio, then what makes a bird vs mammal vs insect etc. For terram, this could include mountainous perfection :wink: or increasingly powerful elementals (Te, Aq, Au, Ig) as measured by Might scores(?).

At the end pf the list you say: "NB auras aligned with an art count as doubled, so auras aligned with Vim are particularly prized by Hermetic magi."

What is NB a abbreviation for? Also I have looked in the rules but I have not found any mention of auras being aligned with a Art. Can you pleas elaborate.

NB stands for 'nota bene' which is Latin for 'note well'. It's a way to flag something to the reader. In speech you might say 'by the way' instead.

Art-aligned auras are in Realms of Power: Magic. You get to double the aura bonus if it's relevant to what you're doing, e.g. an Ignem-aligned aura of 5 gives a +10 bonus to inventing Pilum of Fire.

I just posted a virtually identical reply on my blog :smiley:
Thank you, KathD.

The rules for aligned auras are in Realms of Power:Magic pages 16-17. As auras aligned to Arts are double powerful for that art, I feel this should be considered when looking at study bonuses.

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