Study requirement: realia?

Salve sodales

First of all sorry for the inconvenience if it has allready been discursed.

I noticed that one sample of study requirements, intelego, as example is to be sorounded of scrying devices.... That amount of devices could be also a realia of intelego....

So... It could be a realia the ( posible) solution to study requirements?!?!

That sounds to me great... Fantastic endeed... Imagine a magus with study requirements that founds that sollution to keep improving. How many adventures ! Going all around the world recovering samples! Buying other realias... ( not easy not simple but a sollution

So ... Just figuring out... Witch equivalences realia/level whould you stablish?

Keeping in mind that the covs "sugests" as high lvl realia, said to be 6, and the limits plausibles of study requirements are, nobles parma, 20 (25).

What do you think?

Actually, I think that this would be a good reason why realia are started at all. A person discovers that they seem to learn more about a certain Art in the presence of excellent examples of the Form and thus the new collector is born.

As for limits, though, I'm not sure I would put a formal limit on it all. If part fo the realia has a small collection of really awesome examples might actually be better for the upper limit than a large number of smaller examples. Consider: In first case we might have a Mentem collector who has a collection the ghosts of 7 ancient influential kings where as in the second keeps a vast collection of intense but otherwise mundane memories stored in jars (I wonder where I got that idea...).

Anyway, love the idea. Don't worry too much on the mechanics, just make the flavor fit the scale of what you are trying to acheive.