Studying Vis in Aligned Auras

Would stuying from vis apply the bonus for an aligned aura (RoP:M, p.16) to its study total (Stress Die + Aura) if vis of an appropriate type were studied within one? RAW, I guess the answer is no, as it explicitely only applies to casting totals and lab activities, of which studying from vis is neither. Still, I'd be interested to hear opinions.

The aura bonus is used, and the statement in ROP:M states that It effectively doubles the aura bonus- technically yes it specifies for spells and lab activities, which studying falls outside of but I would read this more as an oversight in inclusion than an intent to exclude.

Anyone else wanna throw their 2 cents in the thread? :wink:

We had a (sadly short lived) saga based in a Ignem aligned Aura.
We used double the Aura for all purposes based on Ignem, including Vis studies.
It didn't seem overly problematic.

I too say allow the aura bonus. A house rule, for sure, but it just feels right.

I am not sure I'd rule out vis study as a lab activity, even though it need not take place in a lab. If I recall correctly, Covenants, when dealing with the Safety characteristic of a laboratory, says that the botch reduction applies to all lab activities including vis study, so you could argue that vis study is a lab activity when pursued in the lab.

We allowed it in our saga. Double aura bonus also means double botch dice if it goes wrong, so your reward is tempered by risk.

Wait, what?
Botch dice when studying from vis is the number of pawns used. Aura doesn't affect this by RAW.

You only gain botch dice from auras for using effects of foreign realms (see ArM5, p.183). In this case it might apply if you're studying from non-magic vis. But since they already suffer from additional botch dice, I probably wouldn't take this into account either.

I had always added Aura to botch dice. If that's not the actual case, I guess it's just a house rule now.

Only for foreign realms. For magi, a magic aura is nice because it doesn't add botch dice. It makes working magic in the magic realm extremely risky, just as risky as anywhere else, which is a bit much, IMO.