Stunts spending a Fortune for +2

I've been going over the rules and I have a question about mechanical choices:
So you can spend Fortune to add a d6 to the + side of the swerve. Possibly even after the initial Swerve is determined.

If that's true (certainly correct me if I'm wrong) then what's the advantage of taking a stunt that requires a fortune point to confer a +2 to a skill roll? Sure there's a 1 in 6 chance the Fortune die itself only give a +1 but there's a 2 in 6 it would be equal or greater. Isn't that seem like a waste of a stunt?

Am I missing something?

Thanks for the input,

What schtick(s) are you talking about? I can't think of any off-hand.

In theory, a schtick that lets you add +2 to a roll by spending a fortune die is useful when combined with spending Fortune on the roll for the +1d6: Spend two fortune, one directly and one on the schtick to get +1d6+2 where you are normally limited to spending only one fortune for +d6. It's not great, but it is an improvement.

There's a bunch of them: Hightailing It, Rippling Death, Willow Step, Hot Pursuit, Berserk Rage.

But yeah, I suppose I see the "advantage" being able to spend two Fortune on a roll you normally could only spend one. And I get that not all shticks are created equal.


Ah, that changes thing. None of those schticks just add +2 for one roll like spending fortune directly does. They all last longer, meaning they are probably useful for multiple rolls.

Rippling Death lasts for one sequence, which means you spend one Chi (and 2 shots) and add +2 to all the martial arts attacks you make until you run out of shots, as long as those attacks are against multiple foes. This would cancel out the penalty for attacking two foes at once.

Hightailing it provides +2 to drive for one keyframe, meaning until that shot next sequence. Again, that's multiple rolls with a +2 instead of just one like you get with a fortune die.

Willow Step provides a +2 to defense for a keyframe, so not only does it last for multiple rounds, but it also applies to defense which normally you can't directly spend Fortune on. (you have to actively dodge first, using up a shot, then you can spend fortune to enhance it more.)

Hot Pursuit does the same thing as Hightailing it, but for the opposite end of a chase.

Berserk Rage lasts for a sequence too.

Ah, I see. Totally makes more sense there. I was misunderstanding some of the duration terms. Thank you.