Sub Rosa #2 Now Available!

My copy's in my inbox... if you've subscribed, you ought to have yours...

If you haven't subscribed, why not?

From the website:

"Remember that subscribers are eligible to enter our competition - simply email us comments or a review of any of the articles that appear in Issue 1 or Issue 2 to go into the running. The winner of the competition will receive a free copy of an Ars Magica Fifth Edition supplement of their choice."


YAY, it's out. My 15 minutes of fame has arrived. OK, not because of an article I submitted, just because i won the competition :smiley:

Looks good, better even than the first. Though some of the bestiary combat totals seem a little off (but changing those to suit is what a gm does, heh)

I spoke to Alex before but we couldn't figure it out then.

I cannot work with paypall as I live in a country where it does not work, so I cannot subscribe unless I find another way to pay for it!

Credit card please?

Great issue! :slight_smile:

Lots of lovely stuff for me to use/ adapt for our saga. :slight_smile:


Yes, the basilisk claws should have +11 defense and do +4 damage. The beak should be +9 for defense. That's my mistake. I've told Alex.

I'm very sorry!


I can purchase it for you and give you an address or bank account in the US to send the money to. Would that work?

Just tell me which subscription you prefer and I'll purchase it for you and tell Alex to send it to you.


The fees I would have to pay to transfer money to an account overseas would be more expensive than the subscription itself.
As for sending money by letter to an address in the US, I'm not sure that is legal actually.

The best option for me would be the credit card really, but if Alex can't do that, then I'll have to think of a different way.

Worst case scenario, my girlfriend is going to the US in July, she can deposit the money then and I can subscribe in order to get the issues I missed in retrospect or something..

Thanks a bunch for offering to help Yair!

I don't know. First I get edited to look stupid, then I don't get my contributor's copy.

Alex, whatever it was, I'm sorry already. :wink:

You should be able to use a credit card with Paypal...

I'm located in Australia, not the US, and sending money through the post isn't legal.

I can't do credit card at the moment, unless there is a way to transfer money from one account to another - direct debit is a possibility. Cheque is another.

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