Sub Rosa #22 now available!

Through council meetings, plagues, and storms, over many seasons we've labored to craft this very fine issue of Sub Rosa, and at long last, we're ready to release it into the world!

What does it contain? Well, sodales, we focused this issue on "treasure," and think you'll come out richer for having read it! Like an overstuffed sack of loot, it weighs in at 105 pages of goodness, bringing you shining baubles from the artistic talents of Angela Taylor, Elizabeth Porter, Jason Tseng, Patrick Demo, Dean Spencer, the incomparable Jeff Menges, and even one from Mark Lawford!

Beneath Angela's great cover, our articles comprise an embarrassment of riches. There are combat options from Gerald Wylie, a Companion option from David Agnew, and a variety of magical treasure articles from veteran Christian Andersen, Guy Leopold, Paula Moore, and Robin Bland, as well as newcomers Thomas & Trine Lunde Sørensen-Hygum. There are set piece encounters from Guy Leopold and Paula Moore, and Berengar Drexel returns to offer another adventure!

Ennie Award-winning Justin Alexander gives us a column from Atlas Games, and long-time friend and contributor Andrew Gronosky talks about his collaboration with CJ Romer on their Renaissance RPG of magical adventure, Magonomia!

This issue's got Vis! Weapons of War! Ways of Adventure! And all for our usual very reasonable offer of $4.50-- it's quite possibly the best gem in your fanzine hoard. As always, we'll offer a copy of #23 to the first three reviews of #22, so you could possible buy this issue and not buy another one for several more! Post your review and send us an email to We'll hook you up

As always, if you'd like to purchase an issue of Sub Rosa, send $4.50(US) for single issues, $13(US) for a troupe issue via paypal to or we'll do 4 issues for $16 if you want to subscribe or buy back issues. It's been a long time like this, so I can't say it'll change soon, but it is on our radar to change.


Okay, money sent. Looking forward to reading this.

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Payment made, now to wait for the Redcap to deliver it

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Trying to be quick on this today, everything should be out to folks!


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Thanks for getting us another great issue.


There are some lovely surprises in this issue.
A different take on one of the Founders, Vetditius the Faerie Smith. has got to be favourite of mine.