Sub Rosa #3 Preview is up!

You can see it here: ... review.pdf

And Alex has told me the next issues should be out in short order...good news!


As I was lucky enough to read drafts of several of the articles featured in SR, I can honestly say it's got some very interesting content that Troupes will find good Story ideas from, regardless of their playing style.

The 10 pages on Flambeau I think are bound to provoke some ideas and discussion... :slight_smile:

So for those of you who haven't sampled the delight, this looks like a good issue to whet the appetite. I think it's well worth it for the subscription price.

Also, I think it's to Alex's credit that despite the website hack, he and his team picked up and got right back into the fray. Kudos Alex.

Long live Sub Rosa!



If anyone is having trouble getting their ideas together for an article, and wants a sounding board, a lot of the authors are around on this page and will be happy to help. Me, for example...if you need someone to talk ideas over with for a Sub Rosa article, after you have Alex's OK on it (that is, after he says "Yes, that sounds interesting...") then send me a PM.

Sub Rosa #3 is out! Woo hoo!