Sub Rosa #7 Deadline approaching!

Just a reminder that the Rival Magic competition will remain open until 10/03/2011.

That's right, we're extending it to the 10th of March!

To win your choice of supplement (The Church is nearly here, remember), send in you characters, locations, vis sources, or scenarios designed around one or more of the four factions described in Rival Magic. The winner will appear in issue seven.

And 10/03 is also the target date for any other submissions to the magazine, so you still have plenty of time to knock that idea into shape.

Contact us if you've got a query for an article or a question! We'll get right back to you.

Also, we're still offering a free copy of Sub Rosa #7 to the next two people to review Sub Rosa #6 online and send us the URL at:

Just put "Sub Rosa #6 Review" in the subject line, and we'll get you squared away!