Sub Rosa #8, a late Autumn bounty!

Sub Rosa #8 has arrived, and it's a full harvest with another 76 deliciously packed pages. It's a little late, but I think you'll find it was worth the wait! Once again, we've got two adventures in this issue-- a medley of encounters along the Way of St. James by Ben McFarland and a mind-blowing epic tale about the legendary Belin from Erik Dahl. There's two full interviews; the first with Ars cover artist, Grey Thornberry, and the second with one of the Founders, Lisa Stevens! We've got articles on managing combat, more of the journal of Vulcanis Argens, and a companion knight, Bohemond of Lucerne! All of this is topped off with metacreator files for Bohemond and his squire along with our regular features of Mappi Mundi and both Under the Rose and News from the Line.

The cover is the handiwork of returning artist Gerald Wylie, and we've got internal illustrations from regulars like Angela Taylor, Anoeska Buijze, Jason Tseng, and the generous line veteran Jeff Menges along with newcomers Alex Dopp and Emily Vitori. The pieces fairly charge right off the page, and I think you're going to love them.

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Don’t wait and pick up your copy today!

Mark Lawford and Ben McFarland.

*Yes, we're working on that whole storefront issue. It's coming. We swear. Really! Seriously. We promise. What's more important? Storefronts, or undisclosed projects? Yes, we thought the same thing. You will see a storefront by #9, or Ben will be assisting you in the Lab!

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Bought it!
And quite a thick issue this one. Next time maybe I'll look at the page count before printing during work hours, and maybe I'll go for two-sided printing.

Will buy it later. About printing, I have found that SR prints well in "booklet format": double page, 2 pages per side and middle-page frame. I have them all printed and assembled with plastic covers, and they are quite a useful size to handle and read (A5 for Europeans, no idea for US paper size). However, it takes a while to print, so make sure you do it at the end of the day if you are at the office!! :mrgreen:


I have got my free copy this morning and I will read it this afternoon. I have enjoyed the number 7 adventure twice in 2 game I ruled so I will use any thing possible from issue 8 asap! If I like it, I will review it quickly :stuck_out_tongue:.

Now it's lunch time.


Bumping this up for the benefit of those who might have missed it...

If you haven't picked up an issue of Sub Rosa as yet, this issue is a great one to start with. There really is some epic content in there from Erik Dahl (local to these parts) and Ben McFarland. And the opportunity to see Grey Thornberry's work in progress, from sketch to final, for two recent covers is worth taking.

Really interesting issue. The section on Belin is awesome...

Well, Erik's an awesome guy, so that fits quite nicely.

Bought :slight_smile: Looking forward to read it!


Thanks for the praise. :slight_smile: I gave a ton of thought to Belin back when I was writing House Mercere for True Lineages... I like how she ended up, at least in my vision of things anyway. I like to think her legend is a nice and seamless blend of old and new editions.

Don't forget-- the first three people to review Sub Rosa #8 and send the link to the review to:

will get a free copy of Sub Rosa #9!

We want to know what you think, let us know!


Finishing it. Be patient :laughing:

really happy with this issue.


Awesome! And remember, we offer this benefit to the first 3 so there's a few opportunities there!


EDIT: And Exar Kun and Xavi have the first two in here, so there's one left! :smiley:

Still room for one more review-- don't you want a free copy of Sub Rosa in January? It's like a third of a book, in between books, giving you all kinds of goodies for the interim!

Let us know what you think!