[Sub Rosa] A freebie while you wait!

We know, we know...we'd talked about Sub Rosa appearing this month. It is three months after #6, isn't it?

But one of our contributors is taking a trip through parts of Europe and visiting a number of churches while there. They asked if we couldn't wait just a bit and use the article for #7.

We agreed, but we don't want you left without anything to read, so we've offered you this:

Tostig of Winchelsea

A fully detailed grog with backstory, illustration and metacreator sheet.

This link is good until April 30th, a week after our planned release of Sub Rosa #7. You can also see a short preview of some of the articles in the next issue. (Want to get #7 free? Just post a review of #6 and let us know the URL for it!)

Don't forget, we love contributions, and you'll receive a free copy of the PDF. Just send us a note at subrosa@distantlandspublishing.com


Thanks. I always like free stuff

I can't open the Sheet. Somebody help me with that? I've downloaded the new versions of all before and it's said taht it's 276 against the 277 form the character sheet of the grog.

Great stuff :slight_smile: Thanks for it!!

Mario, send me your email in a privat emessage and I'll email you the PDF


I'm having the same problem, but it's not with the PDF, it's with the MetaCreator character sheet. Do you need any of the additional databases to run it, or is the main program enough?

That is, the PDF runs well, it's the Meta creator.
Thanks to both.

Mark spun up this particular item, and I've cast ReIm Summon the Distant Designer to ask him to come weigh in.


... Crack of lightening ... Puff of smoke ...

You summoned me..?

Oh, right. Metacreator sheet.

I've just tried it under Metacreator 5.09 with only the Ars Magica5 sheet loaded (i.e. I unloaded everything before opening the character sheet) and it opens okay.

What error messages are people getting?

Could someone post the MC version they're using and the error message? I'll look into what's causing the problem.

Update: I've just checked and loading the sheet automatically loads the Guardians of the Forests sheet. Not sure why yet.

To me MC says me that the sheet is a 277 version and that i have a MC 276 version.

Same for me , and i updated everything to make sure.

I'll try to sort it out somehow. Hopefully publish something over the weekend.

I'm using MetaCreator 5.0.8, which, according to their updates page, is the current version, released on September 9, 2010.

The error message I'm getting reads: "This character sheet (version 277) cannot be read by this version of the application (276)"

Is it possible that the character was created with a version that's not been released yet? headscratch

Probably. I'm on the beta test list and keep my installation up at the bleeding edge.

I'll look at doing a clean install somewhere and then recreate the sheet.

But you have to promise to use him. I'll be checking...

Well, if Mark Lawford is a traveler from the future, it makes perfect sense :laughing:

Or we all are and forgot to take our relevant material with us :smiley:

Should we call him Nostradamus, then? Or Martin?


I'm definitely not typing this from the future. Well, I was next week, but I'm not any more... Or am I?

No... I'm not.

ohgawd, now I've got this idea for an Ars Magica/Dr Who crossover. Bad plotbunny - bad bad plotbunny!

Thanks for the help. It works now.