Sub Rosa announcement

Hi all

Sub Rosa has received a lot of support from the Ars Magica community across its five issues and we are pleased to announce that the magazine will continue. The sixth issue has been subject to delay, but we are now in the final push towards publication so expect some more news on that very soon.

From issue seven you'll see some new names against the editor credit; Ben McFarland and Mark Lawford. While we say "new" they have both been involved in the Ars Magica community, Sub Rosa, and the published line for some time. While it is too early to discuss all the details, they have some great ideas for the magazine that will build on the foundations that you've all helped to lay down.

Please join me in welcoming Ben and Mark officially on board the magazine.

Thank you all for supporting Sub Rosa so far. The last five issues have been a great run so here's to the next five and beyond.



I've been working on some articles, so please let me know what to do next!


Thanks for the update, I for one look forward to the upcoming issue! :smiley: Like our friend Vrylakos, I've been working on a few fan projects too, at least until I remembered that I can't write... :blush:

Never say never. Like any task, you only get better with practice...

This is coming from a guy who got a part in a musical by promising not to sing, and then got a solo later. :wink:


Can i still purchase previous issues of Sub Rosa?

That will be part of the plan, as we get things sorted. Give us a little bit of time and as soon as we're fully functional, we'll post it here!


A status report to let folks know where we are...

We're just about done with Sub Rosa #6. This issue promises to be big. :slight_smile: The plan is to have it ready by Christmas, and I think we're on track to do just that. Layout is looking good, and the material's all in.

We're working on setting up an option for purchasing back issues. This will be functional, hopefully by the New Year, sooner if we're really lucky, maybe a little later if we're not. What we might do, as we get that option sorted, is allow folks who can work through paypal to pay that way, and then provide the issues. The website's still a little wonky, but we're getting there with plans for regular material posted there in the future.

Issue #7's also looking good, and the hope is to be on track for quarterly releases from here forward, with subscriptions being taken care of appropriately, and new ones hopefully being started-- but that's a bit in the future. We've got at least 5 more articles on deck, with a few more in the works.

Let us know if you have comments, or if you would like to contribute to future issues!


Issue six is now all laid out. I hope you'll all be happy with it.

We have one final piece of the puzzle to go and then we'll announce availability. If you want to get your hands on issue six, keep watching this forum.

I'm currently setting up email addresses for Sub Rosa but there's no need to wait until I'm done. Feel free to PM Ben or me with your suggestions or finished pieces. As Ben has mentioned, we're starting to look towards issue seven (March 2011) so I'm taking contributions towards that issue.

Stick with it. If you have anything you'd like to share I'd be happy to work with you on it and get it out there through Sub Rosa.

We received the cover image for Sub Rosa #6 this morning. So it's all there. We should be on track to publish this week.

Looking forward to get it :slight_smile: Sub rosa is a really good ezine (I have used quite a few stuff published there!) and I am glad you will be keeping this afloat :smiley: Thanks for the effort :slight_smile:

I assume that you will be keeping the same bundle-buy options that Alex had? I ask before I didn't get #5 because I prefer to subscribe for longer periods, more than buying each ezine individually.


Great work guys. Looking forward to it.



We will be offering the same subscription options as before. We might not have the storefront sorted out for this one but Ben is currently working on it. For this issue I'll probably just rely on paypal, but again offering the four-issue option.

Once Ben and I are happy to go, I'll post a further announcement on this forum.



We're all set with issue #6! We're working to get the last bits of distribution for this issue, which might be a little rough at first, but the wheels are in motion to have that smoothed out in the near future. Do not despair! :smiley: We'll have your SR fix to you before Christmas! It's a monster, too. Sixty-four pages of goodness, three adventures, two companions, one interview and a bi-continental convention announcement possibly on a dead tree!


Contributor copies have just been sent out.

Publishing on the 23rd, which by my reckoning means that we just about hit our target.

But, as usual, not to me. :cry:

Apart from the callous disregard shown to the Line Editor ,
you would think that a free issue would be offered ,
to those who registered earliest on the Ars Magica Forum
and still currently post on it.

I've just sent it. It should be with you now. Apologies for missing you off the list.