Sub Rosa: Bestiary of Uncommon Creatures

Ars Magica Fifth Edition probably has more monsters, creatures, and foes fully described than any other edition of the game. However, despite bestiaries in each of the Realm supplements, the Cradle and the Crescent, Between Sand & Sea, and a host of other books there is always a call for more so that storyguides in a rush can drop the perfect creature into their story.

So the Sub Rosa team are working on a bestiary issue for later this year and we are inviting community contributions.

We're looking for twenty or so new animals, beasts, creatures, or monsters, fully described along with their stats, powers, etc. Each piece should be no longer than 1500 words in addition to the stat block and should be something that isn't already available in the published line.

They can be as high-fantasy as you like and they can be supernatural or mundane in nature, be aligned to any realm or none at all, and they could be monstrous in nature, or warped or magical humans, or entities animated by magics Hermetic or otherwise, and they could be unique creatures or they could be examples of a new race or breed.

We’ll commission brand new custom artwork for each one, as we do normally for each article, and this time we'll make the first ten completed available as freebies for anyone to download.

If you'd like to have a go, send us a note at describing the creature you would like to do so we can coordinate and make sure we don't get twenty Purple Oozes and we can get you off and running.

Gotcha - I'll try to finish some of the notes I have and send them in.

We have previously featured in Sub Rosa:


The Poppele
Demon in the Bishop's Bird
Infernal Skeletons

Thangdrimm, the Forest Drake
Abu Lahab, the Demon
Malmarteaux, the Giant
The Unicorn
Eadgar, the Faerie

Rűbezhal as a Storm God
Rűbezhal as The Gnome King
Healfdene the Savage Bearman
Water Sprites (Very short block)
The Cwen a Holt (faerie)

Lady of the Hills, Lamia
Bonebreaker, Giant and The Lady’s Lover
The Knight’s Demon
Alphonso, Ghost of the Mercurian (Spectre)
Derilch, Faerie Redcap

Malott, King of the Redcaps
Redcap Knights
Nawar Al-Mayia (oasis spirit)
Hamiq Al-Bakr (Faerie)
Olghoi Khorkhoi (Magic beast, a strange worm)

Maelstrom (Magic storm spirit)

Naham (Magic water spirit, reflection of Noah)
Mandrenke (storm dragon)
Fair Folk of the Sea (faeries)
Noctus Ira Melanox (demon)

Ibor, The O’Dierma Sacrifice (ghost)

Not Stat'ted, but Mentioned:
Strukis, the Pike King

We'll update the ones published prior to RoP:M which need to be adjusted, and check on other bits, but this should be a pretty decent collection.

I'll also try to compile an index of creatures from other books, like the index of all referenced books from Sub Rosa #9.


Good idea, thanks!

I'm interested. But I'm new and my book collection is small so I'm not sure what's been done.

Does Ars Magica have writeups for any of the following?

-Rat kings

Also, what's the policy on non-European creatures? Would it be worth my while to submit a wendigo or a nukekubi?

(I'm trying to cast a wide net in case it turns out that almost everything has been done already.)

I think this is where we need our index already...

I haven't found Rat King, Phoenix, or Pegasus so far. Nor Kraken. Charybdis however, I'm sure I've seen but I'm not sure where. Not very helpful, I know. Someone else might be able to find them before I do.

As to non-European creatures, sure. We'd like to have some story seeds for introducing or encountering these beasts so I'm sure we can work that in.

Check the Theban Tribunal-- if it was going to be anywhere, that'd be the first place I'd look. Then one of the adventure anthologies.


Hm, okay. I'll go with the rat king, then. I'd be surprised if it had been done, since it's a moderately obscure creature and I think the folklore about it is mostly from the 1500s.

PS: A Bjornaer Great Beast would be pretty cool. Anyone want to make one?

I can traslate some creature from my blog.

I've made some of them, like a whale (one ship transformed, but the basic statics are the same to real one), and maybe any Spanish chimaera or faerie.

I don't know if any of these have been made yet...

Parandrus: Shapeshifting or camouflage reindeer
Onocentaur: As per regular centaur, but with a donkey half instead of horse. Similar behavior to a satyr.
Onager: Donkey that can predict the future.
Hercinia: Glowing bird
Vâlvă: Protective faerie that shifts from white to black depending on whether it's guarding or avenging/punishing
Polevik: Russian dwarf with grass for hair and penance for diseases
Raróg: Fiery hawk
Cikavac: Wish-granting pelican
Vampire Watermelon: Fruit with a thirst for human blood...and no teeth
Ispolin: Three-headed cyclops and enemy of dragons and fearful of blackberries
Simargl/Simurgh: Dog-bodied griffin
Tuchulcha: Demon with head of a vulture and snake hair
Squasc: Human faced trickster squirrel

Pheonixes are mentioned a bit in the Soqotra bit of Antagonists, but nothing ot block you writing a new version.

In RoP:F.

In Against the Dark.

Also in Against the Dark, although the blackberries are a new twist!

I sent in my rat king writeup a while ago, but I haven't received a response yet. Is that normal?

Well, yes. Sub Rosa is Mark and me, and Mark's in the European time zones, and I have to chase short people, so sometimes it can take us a bit to reply.

Let me go look quick.

EDIT: Received, and a short reply sent off to you. :slight_smile:


Bah, life has been crazy busy. I'm legitimately interested in this and will hopefully submit some creatures within a week if it's not too late.

There's certainly an open window for this project, as we're waiting on some art to get back for #16, and #17 is planned on being a Provencal issue, which means #18.


Is this project still on?

Yes. We're working on #17, hoping to have the text by the end of the month, and then we'll start collecting for 18 as we put the art together for #17.


We have something like 14 submissions so far on the creature front. We'd like a few more and we know we have probably another three or four being worked on. As touched on by Ben, once we're done with issue 17 you should then start to see some of these come out as free downloads ahead of the full bestiary issue itself. But 17 first.

Ben - what's the deadline for the beasts?
I've a few in the works but might make a short deadline. Related to transformation shapes for beast forms as well as the odd beast.