Sub Rosa Issue 3 Out

Issue 3 is out. If you are a subscriber and have not received an email from me, please email me asap.


I love the artwork. And the articles look great too. So much to use, so little time...

Well done on getting this issue out against all odds. Great job.

Glad you liked it. Send in an email to enter the competition and let all the contributors for the last three issues know what you think.

Art-work is magnificent! Well done!

Great articles too :smiley:. I will be enjoying some reading tonight.

Great stuff - in particular I enjoyed Mark Lawford's story, and plan to use it. I still have almost all of the rest to read! Really looks like a great issue. Well done to all the authors - shame i had already seen Ben's excellent piece as he showed me before for comment - thanks, but great to see it finally published, superb stuff! I'm looking forward to reading the Zoroastrians tonight. :slight_smile:

cj x

Glad you liked it. I've just run another one set in the same village. I might send that to Alex and aim for a trilogy...

Let me know how you play through goes.

I also enjoyed it - I think there's a lack of short ArM5 adventures that are detailed enough to enjoy yet generic enough to use in any Saga/Tribunal with only minor modification.

I think it makes a good regular feature - I particularly enjoyed your piece in SR2 on Wheostan the Old as it was easily portable, had several interesting characters with full stat blocks and was a great example of the "portable laboratory" concept.

A trilogy sounds great!



Thank you. That's very kind.

Wheostan is interesting as he came out of the need to get one player/character into a story that neither of them had been previously connected with. I wanted something strange to distract from the fact that I was essentially saying "go and join that story". I like Wheostan and I'll be bringing him back into my saga soon.

As for Northwych, I have a few other things on the go at the moment that I need to spend time on, but as soon as I can I'll send something in to Alex.