Sub Rosa Issue 4 preview available

The Sub Rosa issue 4 preview is now available for download. The final product will be available asap.


Looks good Alex!

I think it's great that the Atlas staff have committed to increasingly support the fanzine (updates from David, comments from Michelle and the sponsoring of a competition) and Timothy's "Faerie of Sub Rosa" offer sounds great!

I'm looking forward to all the articles in SR#4, but I am immediately left wondering what devious trickery the Infernal Mr Shirley has cooked up in "Explosive Power in Mythic Europe" and what on earth Ben & James have subjected those poor misunderstood elementals to in "Elementals and Provenance"...

Download the preview to discover more.

Did I mention there were Infernal Templars! (shudder)

As someone who has recently benefited from some excellent proofreading & advice from both Sub Roasa contributors Eric Vesbit and Timothy Ferguson, I'd like to encourage those thinking of contributing to have a go! I humbly add my services if required - feel free to send a draft to me via email and I'll try and get back to you within 2 weeks.



Hopefully the "hyh" problem is fixed. Let me know.


I think my subscription is about to run out (IIRC). How do I make a new one? Your webpage doesn't seem to sell an issue 5-8 subscription. So.... how is it done?


Bump, as I'm wondering, too.


Once issue 4 is out, I'll be putting up issues 5-8 on the site...