Sub Rosa Issue 5 preview out now

Hi all,

After a long delay, the Sub Rosa issue 5 preview is now up.

Other web updates, including options for subscribing to issue 5 will be added in the next few days.


(ps. this is my 100th post!)

Looks good. I'll be renewing my troupe subs. And very intrigued by the competition in there...

For people who are wondering, the competition is an "adventure writing" competition, where the winner will get a copy of Tales of Mythic Europe.


I'm looking at the errata copy right now, which means it'll be out in a day or two...and it looks good.


Yep, the errata copy looks good. Alex's great work continues...



Just finishing a few thingies. Should be out in a few days.

You can pre-purchase if you want. ... duct_id=11


Order placed.

I ordered #5. I'd like an ongoing subscription option, kinda like the #1-#4 thing you had. Or something.