Sub Rosa?

Does anyone know whether the Ars Magica Fanzine still being published?

Yes - but has been delayed due to a number of reasons. Next issue will be out after the Australian election finishes.

Ahhh OK thanks for the reply.

The polling happens tomorrow, in case you were curious. :slight_smile:

-Ben. (who's eagerly awaiting this issue, too!)

Looking forward to it (the fanzine, not the election).

Just voted and got my obligatory snag from the sausage sizzle (for you Americans it's a piece of white bread with a burnt sausage and some tomato sauce / ketchup).



Jarkman, is the snag an incentive to vote?

Sounds like that. It is not a bad idea to appeal to the base instincts of people to increase participation in the polls....


No. Voting is compulsory in Oz.

I live in a "safe" seat where one political party predominates. This means my vote only counts for the Senate / Upper House. I figure I may as well get fed for my trouble...

Anyway, I'm sure Alex has been very busy and for a good reason.

Looks like we're going to have a "hung parliament" like the recent UK elections ie no major political party has enough to form government by majority alone, so he may be busy for a bit longer.

I'm sure the next issue will be worth the wait.


How do I know I live in a safe seat?

No-one offers me a sausage.

Not a sausage.

It's some sort of metaphor made flesh. Or flesh made metaphor.

Nothing is safe any more - as they've "hung" the parliament, nothing is safe anymore...

You are assuming that the sausage is flesh. How can you be sure the sausage is not just a metaphor.

I mean what really goes into those things?

We live in interesting times here in Oz, as the old Chinese curse puts it.


Without wishing to threadjack away from our recent Great Collective Political Meh, my PC recently came down with a bad case of the deads, taking my Sub Rosa files with it. I've checked the PMC site, and there doesn't seem to be any way to re-download them - have I missed something?

Help me, alexwhite. You're my only hope!

Send an email to subrosa@pointlessmentalcruelty from the email you originally purchased the files with and I'll re-send the links.


Sweeeeeet. Thanks, Alex!

Just went to the site to check for news and its down. I'm assuming that's the same for everyone and it's not just a DNS glitch.

Hmmm... first I've seen of it. Will try to sort the site problems this week.

So... any news? The site still seems down, and the fanzine still seems, well, not alive.

I was gonna pitch an article, too...

There hasn't been any Sub Rosa in the last 15 months. :frowning:
It might not be dead, but to say the least, it's in a very long hibernation.

I think it might be time to start thinking of a new fanzine for Ars Magica.
There is a lot of people with wonderful ideas that would gain to be distributed in such a format.

I believe that such a fanzine would need a team to make it work, and not just one person.
I would love to be part of such a team. If you are interested, maybe we should get together to discuss ideas and see what can be done.

Send me a private mail and let's get to work!

Well, I am taking a break from writing an article initially promised to Sub Rosa, so perhaps there is potential content for whatever Ars Magica fanzine next sees publication.

That said, I love Sub Rosa, and hope it rises phoenix-like to renewed life.


While the site is down, is it possible to buy/download/get/whatever past issues of Sub Rosa somewhere else?

We're working on it. With luck, we'll have something figured out shortly. By "we," I mean Mark Lawford and myself. We're talking with Alex, and we'll see what we can manage.