Submit to the Open Call!

I'd like to encourage more people to submit to the Open Call. I'm not swamped with submissions yet!

A major aim of the Open Call is to find new authors for the line, so I positively want to see submissions from the previously unpublished. Remember, the worst that can happen is that I don't use your submission. With the extended deadline, you still have a month, which should be long enough to design a magus. You might want to get your Release Forms off to Atlas pretty soon, though.

Remember, you can't get published if you don't submit.

Okay, you twisted my arm. I'll send back the form this week and get back to work on that magus.

Just to check though, we need to provide "revised statistics for every fifteen years after that". How many iterations of the character are you expecting?


Enough for all the spells and items to be invented. I'd be a little surprised if there weren't at least two, but more surprised if someone got up to ten. (Not that a magus with ten iterations would necessarily be a bad thing.)

It would be interesting to contribute to this work.
I have about 30 spell ideas and 20 of them is ready.
If I will have the zest I will make a magus, too but his story must be very detailed at least 6-7 pages.

Are "new" magical animals (only new to ArM) allowed to this project? I'm thinking on a spell creating such an animal.


It shouldn't really be that long; the emphasis should be more on the spells. Interesting spells are likely to need about a couple of hundred words to describe, so twenty would have you at 4,000 words already.

If it's only new to ArM, we probably can't take it, because it probably violates someone else's intellectual property. New creatures are a bit borderline in general, but if the concept were good enough I would allow it.

The descriptions aren't longer than the spells in the rulebook. There are some which gives only ideas using the present spells unusual ways. Others are on the borderline they could be allowed or not. The rest is about this or that effect can be reached otherwise. But none of them need very much description. The 20 spells take about 1000 words.
Maybe we think different about "interesting". In my eyes a spell must be useful to be interesting. At least for me. There are a lot of interesting spells in the rulebook not worth learning it.
E.g. Flames of Sculpted Ice or Visions of the Infernal Terrors.

It is part of folk tales so there are no copyright issues.
I am sure you never used Hungarian traditions, beings or anything.

I wrote up spells for three magi back last year and then polished the best one (in terms of novelty and usefulness of the the spells) up with actual stats and such. I then let my eight pages of notes languish in the basement until last weekend.

I'll get my submission ready for you, hopefully this weekend.

Can I submit Abe as a magus? The work's practically already done for me. :smiley:

You might have to wrestle with Wizards of the Coast for the intellectual property rights :wink:

Were I a different person, I could not resist such straight lines. :unamused:

It mustn't be obvious. Trivial applications of the guidelines are not worth publishing, because it's easy to come up with those for yourself. This means that publishable spells, outside the main rules, tend to have longer descriptions than the ones in the main rules.

Folktales are good. Folk tales written down before 1350 are best. No copyright problems, though, as long as they really are folktales.

I'm not, but we certainly haven't used much. There's a definite Western European bias in the line so far, so something to help correct that would be good.

I am afraid that material already published on the web is not eligible for the open call.

There's some Hungarian material in the Tremere section of HoH:TL, although where there are varying terminologies I've tended to use the Polish ones, just because they don't need characters that are difficult to type on a Western keyboard.

I finished my draft last weekend and I'll have time to look it over tomorrow night. I'll probably shoot my form to Atlas when I get back from my trip on Friday.

I'm finding this really hard actually. Harder than I first thought. I guess I naturally tend to think along story lines rather than along "effect" lines; who is the magus what's his story, how can other sagas use him?

However, I do have a bunch of themed spells and so on. I'm a little worried that some are too close to simply using the core rules rather than pushing bounds. But, press on. If I'm lucky I might just scrape 5000 words in time. I'll send the form tomorrow anyway...

Now that the open call is open again, exactly how far "out of the box" were you hoping we'd go with the spells?

Just creative interpretations of the RAW?
New Guidelines?
Expand the rules?

Sometimes the muse sends me something, and I say "Nah, that's too (radical/conservative/different)..." (tho', admittedly, most of the time she just sniggers.) :unamused:

Some rough guidelines?

Creative interpretations of the RAW, please. However, they can be the RAW from any published book, particularly if they only apply to one or two spells. It is a design goal for this book that it contain no new rules, just lots of useful and inspiring spells and items.

I just realized your answer.
I didn't find anything from Hungarian tradition. Missed something?

About dhampirs:
Wiki says it is a gypsy tradition and also says "By the 14th century, the Roma had reached the Balkans; by 1424, Germany;"
This is the same I read in Hungarian history books before. They states gypsies came to Hungary and to its part, Transylvania, with the Turkish forces. The Turkish army reached first Hungary in the end of the 14th century.
So around 1222 these dhampirs may appear only in Asia Minor and eastern territories where gypsies lived.

Zmey, Wili, Samovily:
These are from Slav tradition and not Hungarian.

Ok, no problem. Who wanna play in the Tremere tribunal at all? :smiley:

And could somebody explain what RAW is?

Rules As Written, I believe

I'd be keen to submit to the Open Call but sadly I don't have the time at the moment and the current Open Call doesn't interest me much.

It seems like a lot of unnecessary work to create a magus (but without much of a history - only a paragraph) and iterate the stats every 15 years just to showcase spells and magic items within the 5000 to 7500 word limit.

I'm not sure what the magus stats add since it's such a small part of the submission - is it to try and create stock "basic" NPCs at various points during their career similar to the charts/tables in that 3rd edition game's "storyguide" rulebook?

Why not just ask for spell submissions?

Perhaps an example would be helpful to encourage more submissions?