Suggested Flaw(s) for an odd character

A hypothetical character was presented to the troupe, and I keep thinking The Flaws are not quite right.

The character is a mage with the supernatural equivalent of the Heir Story Flaw, essentially the character is supposed to be an heir to mystical powers and traditions through a variety of means.
Various secret societies have been breeding for Gifted individuals to fulfil their particular agendas - House Mercere to have Gifted descdents of their Founder, various Hermetic researchers at various times researching the Gift, a secret society to bring back the Merovingian Sorcerer Kings, followers of Davnalleus (or Guorna) seeking to get a body suitable for Davnalleus (or Guorna) to be reincarnated in, semi-immortal former members of the Order of Hermes (eg a Living Ghost, or a Great Beast, etc) interested in blood-line descendents. Due to the comparatively small numbers of Gifted individuals in Mythic Europe, several of these breeding programs have intermingled over the years without some or all of the secret sponsors being aware of each other.

Finally the omens point to one couple with prestigious bloodlines, who will give birth to a child that may satisfy numerous prophecies. This will be the seventh son of a seventh son, and born under auspicious signs. The couple are secretly members of some underground mystical cult (say Glaucon, or a supernatural creature that can fake being Glaucon), and the high priest has cast Fertility magics on the couple to gurantee he will be born suitable to be the next high priest. But the midwife is secretly a Spirit Votary or some other spirit, and dedicates the newborn to the service of the spirit.
Basically several factions thinking the child belongs to them, and they are just waiting for the child to become old enough. And then a wandering magus takes the child as their apprentice at a moment when the various factions aren't able to act.

It was suggested that this mage's Flaws include Supernatural equivalent of Heir, and Supernatural Nuisance - assorted supernatural creatures are sent by the various Factions, and/or the character is so loaded with destiny and supernatural marks/claims that certain sensitive creatures react in different ways depending on which marks they recognise.

But the character is also supposed to drive fortune tellers and soothsayers to distraction because of the assorted prophecies he is supposed to be fulfilling.
How would that be represented?

The Merinita section of HoH:MC contains Virtues/Flaws, Alluring to/Inoffensive to/Offensive to/Unbearable to (Beings), which might be adaptable to model how different beings react in different ways to the character. The RoP:M Virtue Imbued with the power of (Form) might also be an option.

The screw with fortune teller thing - Maybe Grant Flaw(Visions) as an uncontrolled Power, maybe at R:Eye, D: Diameter, T:Individual, if you want to go with the whole "stares into the depths of his eyes and screams/babbles because of what he sees" trope. You could also go with R: Personal, D: X, T: Sound or Spectacle (From the Bjornaer Sensory Magic mystery in HoH:MC) if you want something more over the top. You would likely want to limit the fatigue loss to something manageable though.

The obvious problem is that characters shouldn't take more than one Story Flaw to avoid that character dominating the saga. As it stands, having Heir and Plagued by Supernatural screams "This character is The Chosen One! Let me hog the limelight!"

Keep Heir, as they are they are due to inherit power due to their bloodline. Replace Supernatural Nuisance and the driving soothsayers to distraction with "Greater Malediction - automatically attracts the attention of supernatural senses" and this mean every magical creature and faerie they come across can't help but notice them, use of invisibility or disguise spells is useless against creatures with such senses, and humans with second sight, premonitions etc. will detect the character and possibly find them a distraction from their regular effects. Minor personality flaws like Delusion (from their strange upbringing), Covenant upbringing (from being brought up by magicians) or Higher Purpose (from what they were brought up to be) are perfect.

So Heir + Greater Malediction + (minor personality) gives 7 points of flaws, leaving room for one major personality flaw (like Driven if they truly believe their higher purpose, or Proud if being the chosen one has made them arrogant) or a minor personality flaw and a couple of minor general, supernatural or hermetic flaws to give a character with the full slate of virtues and flaws possible.

How about Mythic Blood with Good Reputation (or Infamous)?
It states that Mythic Blood doesn't have a reputation bonus on its own, since it isn't overly rare. But it would seem that combining it with Good Reputation and spending another virtue point, could reverse this--it's such a distinguished lineage, it does in fact command some awe.

Agree with others saying that a Lesser Malediction would be a good way to say he attracts spirits. Perhaps maybe take 'faerie friend', but representing a sort of aggregate attraction to faeries, rather than one specific one? Just as Plagued by Faeries and Faerie Nuisance are both Major flaws, but one involves a specific enemy and one just makes you a magnet, you could extrapolate it to something similar for the minor flaw equivalent.

For fun and entertainment, you could buy an Immunity to prophesy. It's a silly concept, but may do what you want. As suggested, Offensive to (Being) would work, or just a Malediction of Benediction of some kind.

That was part of the reason I didn't think the Flaws were right. They were trying to avoid two Story flaws by making the Minor dtory flaw Heir into a Minor Supernatural malediction instead.

That is actually pretty good. I will suggest it.
Have a Minor Story Flaw and a Major Supernatural Malediction instead of the other way around, does seem be a thematically better fit, as I understand it.
Still leaves the character up to 4 more points of Flaws to choose. I am voting to include Weird Magic, due to the various supernatural attention placed on this hypothetical character.