Suggested House Rules

Suggested House Rules:

  • Copying books on an Art requires having an opened Gift. So only Hermetic magi and apprentices can copy books on the Arts. The same applies to Parma Magica, Finesse and Penetration.
  • Installing a lab requires having an opened Gift as well.

That would be because books on magic have power that goes beyong ink on a page. You need to understand and be able to manipulate that power in order to be able to copy those books.

Books on Magic Theory can still be scribed, copied and studied by mundanes, as it focuses on theory.

A mundane cannot install a lab because it requires a "feel" of the magical energies in order to properly organize the equipment and prepare the space. That also explains why it takes so long to configure a lab.

I don't mind those rules, I can see the use of the first one in a low resources saga, but IMHO the second one isn't really necessary. In my saga at least i've never seen anyone except the magi set up their laboratory.