Suggestions needed for Major Side Effect

While doing research on a minor breakthrough , one of my players rolled Major Side Effect.

The spell creates a pool of lava which cocoons those trapped in it as the lava cools.
(I guess that if the heat damage doesnt kill you , the suffocation will)
It is a Level 60 spell.
The magus is a Bonisagus overendowed with Strong Faerie God Blood (Venus)
and Faerie Legacy.
Sympathies are for Love and Beauty.

Makes all persons immersed in the pool more attractive giving a +3 bonus to Communication and Presence rolls.
(similar to Venus' Blessing) for example

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The book says "...for instance a plant control spell that attracts all birds within 100 paces."

making people immersed in the pool for the duration more attractive isn't as far as we could go,

How about all people who do not resist the spell gain the personality trait infatuated with [person] for duration sun, where to fill in the value for [person] you generally choose the next person within the affected area in a counterclockwise fashion.

Or alternately, side effect are supposed to be unpredictable. You might get some mileage by ignoring the character's traits and saying that all of the metal within 20 paces of the target grows a thick layer of fur similar to a wolf's pelt.

And welcome back Ravenscroft! you've been gone three long years.

I like the infatuated version. Your description (pool + venus) pretty much defined the Boticelli picture about Venus being born.