Suitable Spirits for Summoning

I need some fodder for our (magical) Summoner.......
The few Spirits in Mysteries are quite nice,the Demons in Infernal nasty and the Angels hefty but I need more magical Spirits to summon any Ideas ?
Please heeeelp !

Once he summons them, what does he plan on doing with them?

Elemental spirits.

Look at the airy spirits controled by Prospero in Shakespear's The Tempest. He has them do all kinds of stuff, such as spy, lure the unsuspecting, confuse, and make music. Some are invisible while others are visible.

That´s one of the main problems.
She can summon things but must bargain to get things done.
So she is very often fishing for Information but what kind of information do you get out of a Spirit and how big does the Spirit needs to be to have significant Information ?

(I never did Shaekspeare in School.So I´am not familiar with them)

Never too late. Reading is a great source of inspirational material, or so I'm told.