Summa writing, seasonal cap?

Is it possible to write more than 1 summa per season? I see that writing a tractatus is capped at one/season. But under summa rules I see no specific cap...or is that implied?

For example, say that in one season someone can achieve/write double or more the level of the desired summa.

Would there be validity to the argument that the person was so skilled that they could crank out two copies of the same summa in one season?

I suppose you could write more than 1 summa per season, so long as the total levels are within your character's writing capacity. This would most likely result in 2 very low level summa, but possibly with high quality. Which may be a reason for your SG to simply say no.

On one hand it seems odd that tractatus are capped and summa are not as I see summa as the larger more detailed books.

But on the other hand I don't like saying no to players when they've got some rules justification and the results aren't too damaging to the game so I'd probably allow it.

If the player spent that many xp on Profession: Scribe, I have no problem with him a pair of low end Summae in one season. That's a huge investment in xps (and probably virtues) to write books that likely are barely useful past apprenticeship.