Summer 1180: Character Sheets with Background

This thread holds completed character sheets with background, representing your newly-raised magus at the Grand Tribunal of 1180, one per player.

Archibaldus Ex Verditius

Int +3 Per 0 Pre -1 Com 0
Str 0 Sta 0 Dex +2 Qui -1

Age: 26 (26) – 0 years of off apprenticeship
Warping: 0

3 Automata
3 Elementalist
1 Hermetic numerology
1 Hermetic geometry
1 Hermetic architecture
1 Affinity with Creo
1 Affinity with Rego
1 Veditius elder runes
1 Items of quality
1 Enchant casting tools
1 Affinity with metal working
1 Puissant metal working
1 Verditius magic (free)

-3 Blatant gift
-3 Low self esteem
-3 Weak spontaneous magic
-3 Dependents
-1 Difficult spontaneous magic
-1 Proud
-1 Ambitious
-1 Infamous master

Artes liberates/1/ Rhetoric
Awareness / 1 / Ambush
Bargain / 1 / Magical item’s (speciality acquired later)
Brawl / 1 / Fist
Charm / 2 / First impression
Code of hermes/1/ Rihne tribunal
Concentration/1/ Spell casting
Craft Automata / 1 / Humanoid
Etiquette/1/ Magi
Flemish / 5 / Storytelling
Folk ken / 2 / Magi
Guile / 2 / Lying to authorities
Intrigue / 1 / Plotting
Latin / 4 / Hermetic use
Leadership/1/ Forge companions
Magic theory/3 / Enchanting items
Metalworker’s guild lore / 1 / Antwerp
Metalworking / 4 +2 / Ring
Parma magica/1/ Mentem
Pentration/1/ Mentem
Philosophiae/1/ Verditius runes
Rihne tribunal lore/1/ Covenants
Supernatural lore/1/ veriditus


Cr 8 In 3 Mu 3 Pe 3 Re 8
An 0 Au 3 Aq 3 Co 0 He 0
Ig 3 Im 0 Me 3 Te 4 Vi 4

Spells / TeFo/ Level / Bonus / Mastery / Mastery score / Page reference
Fragile Lantern / CrIg / 10 / +11 / 0 / - /
Sorcerer’s Bolt of Flame / CrIg / 10 / +11 / 0 / - /
Air’s ghostly form / CrAu / 5 / +11 / 0 / - / ArM5 p. 125
Words of the unbroken silence / CrMe / 10 / +11 / 0 / - / ArM5 p. 148
Sight of the transparent motive / InMe / 10 / +6 / 0 / - / ArM5 p. 148-149
Trust of childlike faith / PeMe / 10 / +7 / 0 / - / ArM5 p. 150
Look at me / CrMe / 15 / +11 / 0 / - / A&A p. 32

New spells / TeFo/ Level / Bonus / Mastery / Mastery score / Page reference
Mefits foul odours / MuAu / 5 / +11 / 0 / - / -
Improved disguise the Wizard’s Appearance / MuIm / 5 / +3 / 0 / - /
Invisibility of the traversing wizard / PeIm / 10 / +3 / 0 / - / -
Jupiter’s boon / ReCo / 10 / +8 / 0 / - / -
Trivia’s unravelling of the wizards craft / PeVi / 15 / +7 / 0 / - / -
Obliteration of the mystical foe / PeVi / 5 / +7 / 0 / - / -

New spell description

Muto Auram


Mefits foul odours
R: Touch D: Diam. T: Ind.
Turns mist into corrosive gas that does damage equal to the spell’s base level per turn to anyone within the gas cloud. The version that Archibaldus knows does +3 damage per turn.

(Base effect, +1 touch, +1 diam.)

Rego Corpus

Level 10

Jupiter’s boon
R: Per. D: Conc. T: Ind.
Allows the wizards to float freely in the air carrying a maximum weight of 50pounds. The wizard moves as fast as rising smoke.

(Base: 5, +1 Conc.)

Muto Imaginem

Level 5

Improved disguise the Wizard’s Appearance
R:Per., D: Sun, T: Ind.
As Disguise of the Wizard’s Appearance ( but with a precision of 12.

(Base 1, +2 sun, +2 increased precision)

Perdo Imaginem

Level 10

Invisibility of the traversing wizard
R: Per. D: Diam. T: Ind.
The target becomes completely invisible to normal sight but still cast a shadow.

(Base 4, +1 Diam., +1 changing image)

Perdo Vim


Trivia’s unravelling of the wizards craft
R: Voice D: Mom. T: Ind.
Dispel any magical effect that the spell target. The maximum spell level that can be dispelled is the equal to 0.5*(base spell level +10 + die).

(Base effect + 2 voice)

Obliteration of the mystical foe
R: Voice D: Mom. T: Ind.
Weakens and destroys the supernatural creature that the spell targets. If the spell penetrates the target creatures looses might equal to the spell’s level.

(Base effect, +2 Voice)

Wizardly robes and tools. In his lab there is a set of well crafted craftsman’s clothes.

Dark brown hair and a well kept beard beard. He has a average build and small scar above his left eye. He uses wizardly robes with lots of symbols and heraldic symbols of house Verditius, he is a proud magus after all. They are not for lab work, perhaps not even for day to day use but I imagine Archibaldus as a bit of a fashion victim. For lab use he use more sturdy craftsman’s clothes but dreams of the day when he can afford to have a elegant robe that is enchanted for use in the lab. It should not stain, burn and the “trumpetärmar” (can’t find a translation) is magically out of the way when moving about in the lab. The craftsman’s clothes he uses for lab work are of much higher quality than any metalworker could afford. Even at family gathering get can wear his wizardly robes as the family has member that work for Verditius magi, as forge companions and venditores. Archibaldus is the first however to actually be a wizard.

Archibaldus grew up in Antwerp. His father was a wealthy goldsmith and Achibaldus where destined to follow in his footsteps. The days where spent in the forge where his exceptional skills showed off quite early. The nights where spent on the city streets with his brother doing all sorts of dodgy things, from time to time it where mostly harmless pranks against children of other craftsmen’s guilds but sometimes it where more violent affairs. Arcibaldus remember when he and his brothers forcefully placed one of the blacksmith’s sons in a pile of manure but he also remember the time when the kid’s older brother came for revenge. Archibaldus still has his scar above his left eye from that incident. In a way it where a happy time for Archibladus for he felt as a part of his family. Almost everyone envied his skills in the forge, he where almost as good as his father at the age of 10 and one gilded cup that Archibaldus crafted and his father sold to the town’s burgomaster made it was rumoured the wine served out of it to taste better than it should.

Around his tenth birthday his gift began to manifest and as his uncle where a forge companion for a Verditius magus in the Rihne tribunal it did not take long time until he was apprenticed. As his manifested he noticed that everyone became uneasy around him and he where excluded from allsorts of events. His brothers did not want him to follow out on their nightly adventures he just heard of them when they spoke to each other while working in the forge. Grand tales of ale and women and the occasional fight in a alley where overheard but never participated in or told to him.

During his apprenticeship Archibaldus soon became aware that his parens, Gaius Servilius Ex Verditius, had a reputation as a fool. His parens where most outspoken about his soldaes ways of training their apprentices, on how sorcery might be a great resource to the order and his notion that the leading quesiatoris of the tribunal has a good judgement as the behind of a donkey. He became known at any tribunal meeting to speak of such matters in a long and tedious manner. Archibaldus parens where never charged with any crime or under any direct attack but he became the pariah of the tribunal. The main reason for this where because of his magical skill and that his latest twilight episode gave him a wide berth. As Archibaldus sat next to his master his reputation smeared off on Archibaldus.

As he had moved away and his blatant gift made it less likely that his family would have any contact with him Archibaldus spent much time alone. His parens firmly belived that young apprentices learnt best in solitude and by reading special primers written by him. After all in Gaius Servillius world everything not made by him where always mediocre. Archibaldus where given permission to return to his family on religious holidays other family gatherings. It where not far between the covenant where his parens lived and Antwerp.

As soon as Archibaldus power grew he where asked to do favour for his family. I was not uncommon for him to have a list of things to do when he visited his family. In stead of attending formal guild dinners he walked the streets of Antwerp in disguise. His skill in mentem and imaginem where most useful to his family in the power struggles in Antwerp and his father more and more viewed him as a tool in power struggles than his beloved son.

As Archibaldus became a magus he set up few goals. Make his family respect him, start a family and become a respected magus. In order to become respected as a magus he needs to cast of his reputation as a fool and show of his magical powers, perhaps by winning the Verditius competition.

A list of goals for Archibaldus
These goals are in no particular order and some are more distant into the future

  • Marry a woman of appropriate status (need not be a maga as he would not marry an equal, Archibaldus wants to feel important but would never admit this) that would voluntarily accept him as her husband.
  • Start a family and enjoy the married life
  • Cause a spectacular scandal that would make the bakers guild and the weavers guild to loose power in Antwerp
  • On the grand tribunal he wish to keep a low profile or support a cause that will give him the favour of the right magi and close a business deal so he can start working on his reputation.

Astris ex Tremere
Birth name: Geoffry son of Sir John Testor
Religion: Catholic
Nationality/Race: English – Norman
Apparent Age: 15
Acual Age: 29
Warping: 0

Born January 7, 1151
Gauntlet: Summer 1180

Int +2 Per +2 Pre 0 Com +2
Str +1 Sta +1 Dex 0 Qui -1

Personality Traits
Proud +3
Reckless +3

Demon touched changeling +2 (Friends of the Testor Family)

Virtues (14p)
The Gift
Hermetic Magus
Minor Magical Focus (Certamen)
Privileged Upbringing
Flexible Formulaic Magic
Improved Characteristics
Affinity with Artes Liberales
Celestial Magic
Good Teacher
Cyclic magic (night)
Method Caster
Cautious with Artes Liberales

Flaws (14 pts)
Blatant Gift
Careless Sorcerer
Chaotic Magic
Proud, minor
Black Sheep
Mentor (Viraxis)

Norman French 5 (Courtesy)
English 3 (Giving orders)
Athletics 1 (Good endurance)
Awareness 1 (Alertness)
Brawl 1 (Dagger)
Etiquette 3 (Nobility)
England Lore 3 (Nobility)
County Sussex Lore 2 (Geography)
Church Lore 2 (Bishops)
Intrigue 2 (Plotting)
Survival 2 (England)
Swim 2 (Holding his breath)
Artes Liberales 2(10xp total) (Astronomy)
Single Weapon 2 (Arming sword)
Latin 4 (Hermetic uses)
Code of Hermes 2 (Mundane relations)
Order of Hermes Lore 1 (House Tremere)
Magic theory 4 (Vis capacity)
Stonehenge Tribunal Lore 1 (Covenant relations)
Parma Magica 1 (Mentem)
Penetration 2 (Mentem)

Cr 6 In 6 Mu 6 Pe 0 Re 6
An 0 Au 0 Aq 0 Co 0 He 0
Ig 0 Im 6 Me 5 Te 0 Vi 0

Formulaic Spells

Doublet of Impenetrable Silk
MuAn 15
R: Touch D: Sun T: Individual
ArM5 p 118
Items affect by Astris's version of this spell shed tiny star-motes when struck with violent force.

Charge of the Angry Winds
CrAu 15
R: Voice D: Concentration T: Individual
ArM 5 p 125
Astris's version of the spell has tiny star-motes streaking along with the wind.

Whispers Through the Black Gate
InCo(Me) 15
T: Touch D: Concentration T: Individual
ArM 5 p 130
Astris's version of this spell has the voice of the deceased fade in and out, like a star twinkling.

Aura of Rightful Authority
ReMe 20
R: Eye D: Sun T: Individual
ArM5 p 151
When cast, Astris's version of this spell fills the pupils of the targets eyes with stars, so that someone looking closely at the eyes of the target would see specks of white in the target's pupils. The specks form a constellation that is relevant to the mood or intent of the spell when cast.

Shining Star of Illumination
(As Lamp Without Flame)
CrIg 10
R: Touch D: Concentration T: Individual
ArM5 p 140
This spell takes the form of a bright point of starlight that fills the area with a cool glow equal to a cloudy day.

Blade of the Virulent Flame
CrIg 15
R: Touch D: Diameter T: Individual
ArM5 p 140
When cast upon a blade, the blade gains many small glowing points along its length, looking like stars embedded in the metal.

Personal Veil of Invisibility
PeIm 15
R: Personal D: Sun T: Individual
ArM5 p 146, lower range
When first cast, stars are visible in the taget's shadow, as if the shadow were a clear night sky. These stars fade after a few moments.

Shroud Magic
MuVi 10
R: Touch D: Momentary T: Individual
Arm5 p 139
When casting this spell, Astris's eyes are briefly filled with tiny stars, visible to someone closely observing him.

Eyes of the Cat
MuCo(An) 5
R: Touch D: Sun T: Individual
ArM5 P 131
When under the effect of this spell, the target's eyes are not only catlike, but have tiny constellations of stars visible in the pupil.

Casting Sigil
Astris's spells always involve a star or stars, or phenomena associated with stars, like twinkling.

Gentry dress*
Tremere robes
Arming sword and dagger
Leather armor* and kite shield (stored in his lab) (in game terms this is a partial load of leather scale, and a heater shield)

  • Astris makes a habit of enchanting the leather armor and his usual clothing with a Moon duration version of Doublet of Impenetrable Silk every month. Cast at night, with no stress he cannot botch, and will always succeed (Mu 6+1 Sta +3 cyclic magic +3 method caster +aura + simple die) =at least 14 vs Spell level 20. After years, if they have not already been otherwise replaced, he gives these items away before Warping becomes apparent.


Astris is a thin, pale youth, with no facial hair. Rather than a full magus, he looks like a new apprentice. However, he carries himself with a sure step and a raised chin, looking even senior magi in the eye when he talks to them. There is something of a noble manner in his bearing. He wears usually wears fancy or stylish dress that would be fashionable at court. Thus he often appears as to be a youth of high birth. His long black hair is usually held back from his pale skin in a braid. He has a pronounced widow's peak, which looks odd on a person his age. Although he is thin and pale, he does not appear sickly or weak. Around his waist hangs a plain arming sword. The handle is worn from long hours of practice. Astris's eyes are a shocking shade of vibrant green. On formal Hermetic occasions, he wears the blue-black robe of a newly gauntleted Tremere. When expecting violence, he dons a hauberk of leather scales and carries a shield with his father's coat of arms, differenced by a large star upon it

Voting Sigil
Astris's voting sigil is a small star ruby incised with astrological symbols. Currently the sigil is held by his parens.

History and Background
Geoffry was born the third son and fourth child of Sir John Testor, a minor landed knight with a manor in Sussex County in southern England. His mother was known to say to her maidservant that there was something “odd” about the pregnancy. But the parish priest and midwife reassured her that all was well. Geoffry arrived on an auspicious day, a rare conjunction of the planets and stars was observed the night Geoffry was born. After his birth, Geoffry was raised at home, largely by his older brothers, including the heir presumptive of the estate, James.

When Geoffry was seven years old, he was beginning to develop a certain oddness. He was fostered with another knight, Sir Roland, a friend of his father's, where he began to serve as a page. However, Roland's horse would not abide the boy's presence. Roland was angered and alarmed by the behavior of his steed, and soon banished Geoffry to the most difficult tasks that were (barely) befitting his station. As he aged, Geoffry began to disturb and alarm the servants, the hounds, even the cattle of the manor would refuse to be in his presence. Finally, Sir Roland and Sir John agreed that there was no point in continuing to train the boy, and he was sent to a monastery for training for the priesthood.

Astris's experience in the monastery was not a good one, but it was something of a refuge. He had to be up at dawn (tough on the boy who usually slept late). They began his instruction in Latin, which he enjoyed, but the dull reading of the Bible, praying, chanting, day after day, was more than Geoffry could bear. Adding the growing effect of his Gift on the monks and lay visitors and the whole experience was very frustrating. On the other hand, Geoffry has a firm belief in God. The idea of a loving deity appeals to the need he has for acceptance and a stern God with a heart for justice appeals to his somewhat childish desire for revenge on the people who have made his life difficult. However, he is only indifferent to the clergy. He understands the way the Church works and though he agrees that the Church maintains the line of apostolic succession since Peter, he is able to see the problems in the Church; such as petty corruption and indulgence by the bishops. As a magus, Astris would make a good early Protestant, if he somehow lived long enough to see the Reformation.

With the coming of puberty, the full effect of Geoffry's Gift became apparent. The monks could barely tolerate to strange boy. The monks struggled to teach Geoffry, but they simply had little effect on the boy. Geoffry, for his part was very aware of the discomfort and unease every monk felt in dealing with him. His effect on animals grew more pronounced, until Geoffry was attacked by a sheep of all things. By this point, Geoffry was an angry, and desperately lonely child. After that he fled the monastery heading across the landscape to reach his parent's manor. But he barely made it to the nearest village where he was set upon and nearly killed by peasants alarmed by his Gift. The village elder, a very pious man, stopped the mob and returned with Geoffry to the monastery. After this the Abbot knew they could not help the boy. Suspecting some magic about the child, the Abbot sent a letter to a magus he once knew and within a few days a large white wolf appeared to the monastery. The wolf approached Geoffry, and fearing for his life Geoffry drew his knife to protect himself. The astonished monks looked on as the wolf sat calmly on his haunches and looked for all the world to be laughing at the boy, tongue wagging in the sun. The boy, sat his knife down and began to approach the wolf. As he reached out to the large beast to pet it, the wolf seemed to melt into the shape of a tall severe looking man. The magus slapped the boy's hand away and told him to never lower his guard in such a manner. Viraxis had arrived.

Geoffry was taken as an apprentice that day and was taken to the covenant of his master for training.

Opening the Hermetic Arts was a traumatic process for Geoffry. Viraxis claimed he had a deep Gift, a vast well of potential. When that well was tapped it sprung forth like a shaken bottle of champagne. Geoffry's Gift had developed slowly; antagonizing his family and friends as he grew up. But once the Arts were opened, the effect of his Gift magnified greatly, to the point where he is barely tolerated by even the most even-tempered mundane. The raw magical power released when Geoffry casts spells tends to leak "around the edges" of Geoffry's spells, making them go horribly wrong if he is not casting well rehearesed magics. An additional side effect of the opening was a strong linking of Geoffry's magical potential to the stars above. Finally, the powerful tapping of his gift has left Geoffry unaging. He has not aged a day since his Opening.

Over his apprenticeship, Geoffry was taught the planetary magic and eventually was able to master the details of Celestial Magic, as though he was born to it. Long nights of studying the stars have left Geoffry a nocturnal, pale man.

After he was taken as an apprentice, Geoffry was permitted to write to his family. At first, this was a great glowing closer for Geoffry. Over the course of a dozen letters back and forth, Geoffry began to feel like he was a member of the family. When he explained that no magus could swear the oath of a fealty, his father expressed pity and sympathy. The family remembered Geoffry as odd, but time and distance softened the memory. Finally, near the end of his apprenticeship, Viraxis encouraged Geoffry to visit his familial manor. “You need to learn many things, and your family is an important teacher for a lesson I cannot adequately give.”
When he visited, the servants nearly killed him before he even saw his father. His mother seemed distant, and always found a reason to be away from him. His brother James denounced him as a sorcerer unfit to bear the Testor name. His father seemed to keep his wits about him. He welcomed Geoffry, threw a feast in his honor (which ended in Geoffry being escorted from the feasthall for his own safety after some of the manor's men had a little too much wine in them). His father came to him that night. He explained how difficult things were at the time. The baron who was Sir John's liege-lord was claiming more than his duty of Sir John's crops. The fields were yielding less each year, and winters were harder than in the past. Sir John would really like his son to help him, to convince the baron to be easier on Sir John. Maybe some magic to assist the crops. It all seemed so fatherly. Geoffry felt like a real son, like apart of his noble family.
The next morning, Geoffry slept late, as was his habit. He eased his way through the house, looking for his father. He finally found him having a discussion with another man, the very Baron discussed the night before had ridden to the manor that morning to discuss something with Sir John. Full of pride from the late night meeting, Geoffry entered the room without considering the effect of his Gift on the unknown man.
The man saw Geoffry and demanded to know why he would intrude. Geoffry started to explain that he was his father's son, he was going to help them. The baron exploded, accusing Sir John of relying on “foul wizardry” “dark arts,” and consorting with the dark haired “changeling devil-child.” He cut off Geoffry's every sentence, before finally summoning guards and having Geoffry bound in a closet. John could only look on, for fear of further angering his liege. Geoffry saw his father speaking quick words to the Baron, while two of John's retainers drug the boy away. Once he was safely bound, they took turns beating him until he saw only blackness. He awoke to his father, kneeling over him, and shaking him to sense. His father spoke to him then:
“Do not come back here, boy. You are my son, and for that you'll live this night. If it were otherwise, de Blois would have spilled you're blood. He thinks me mad, or enchanted, to deal so with a changeling. But I know you are my son. I still see something of your mother in you. I am old, she is old. Our time is ending. But, your brothers will have nothing if we do not remain upright before men and God. I will not see my land, my life's work, and my children ruined by your magics. If you love this family, then do as I have asked. But do not return here bringing ruin in your wake. Now, get away from here before I change my mind and call for the hounds.”

Astris's relationship with his family is very one sided. After the event above, he assumes that they will never speak to him again. Shortly after his Gauntlet, he will sneak to the manor to watch his family and see if there is something he can do to help. When he is spotted by his youngest sister (who may have Second Sight?) he talks to her. Being a little “unusual” herself she is less hostile than the rest of the family. Through her, he gains a limited ability to communicate with his family. He offers to help them in any way he can. They make some requests that he can easily help with, others are hard or require Astris to skirt Hermetic Law. He is not ignorant of the fact that they are using him, he just knows that he can't bear to lose them. As long as they are alive he may eventually impress them enough to ignore the effect of his Gift. I do think, for example, that his family can “tolerate” Astris's presence, but they can't stand the effect he has on their social peers, servants, etc...

For his part, Astris will try to “earn” their love and respect by secretly helping out his family. He may, for example, rescue his father if he were captured in war. Or purchase his ransom with magically created silver. Or provide magical devices to aid his father or brother in war or peace.

Viraxis has an air of mystery about him, at least to Astris. He literally seems to know what Astris is thinking, before Astris can even complete the thought. His teaching style would be described as praise when excellent, disappointment with average performance, and a swift painful reminder of the importance of training when anything less than good results are achieved.

Viraxis was the first person since Astris was a small boy in his mother's arms to not treat him as something odd or unsusual. He was never friendly, but would let Astris babble on about knighthood, his family, the monastary etc. As Astris got older, Viraxis would allow him more freedom, and Astris greatly appreciated and respected it. When Astris returned home from his disastrous visit described above, Viraxis placed his arm around Astris's shoulder, and comforted the young apprentice. Viraxis has a deep, baratone voice that sounds strange coming from such a thin man. Viraxis measures his words like a goldsmith weighing his materials. Every word Viraxis says is careful, almost ponderous, and calculated to have the maximum effect. By copying Viraxis's style, Astris has become a better teacher and communicator. Viraxis's magic focused on transformation, he was an expert at Muto, but ensured his apprentice had a grounding in multiple techniques.

Astris is Viraxis's third apprentice and he has the reputation for being a good teacher. (Astris would have the virtue skilled parens, but Viraxis allows his students more freedom than many magi, so his excellent teaching averages out to a standard apprenticeship).

As a magus and person, Viraxis values self reliance and self determination. All three of his pupils have had the Blatant Gift. He himself does not have that curse, but he is skilled at dealing with young people who have labored under the effect of the Gift. He is patent, calm, but firm. He teaches by sending his apprentice off to do things, where inevitably, the apprentice must use his wits and knowledge to get by. Viraxis demands close obedience from his pupils. A single syllable from him can stop the worst rage that his pupil may experience.

Viraxis raises so many pupils to replace the son he lost. As a much younger magus, Viraxis married a peasant girl and delayed his longevity potion long enough to get her with a son. The boy had the spark of magic about him, but not the full Gift. Astris never learned how the boy died, as such was Viraxis's most painful memory. Judging from his behavior on the anniversary of the boy's death, Astris suspects that Viraxis had something to do with it.

Notes on his Background

Geoffry was treated terribly during his young life, and it had a deep and lasting effect on him. He withdrew, fell into himself. When he discovered that not only can he work magic, but that apparently his Gift is potent, he found an anchor to cling to in a harsh world. He is cocksure of himself, and he knows he is going to take the world by storm. At least, that's his outer persona. I think of his attitude being a little like Spider-man's from the time he got his powers, to the death of Uncle Ben. No matter how he appears on the surface, though, deeper inside, he is insecure, scared, and wants to belong. It is this deeper core that actually resonates with the philosophy of Tremere. He acts unlike a typical Tremere because he has the same fear of failure coupled with reckless pride that the Founder seemed to have.

Astris's courtly training and good communication skills help smooth over his oddly young appearance among magi. His pride takes the form of "I may not have the power that Archmagus has, yet. But when I'm his age, I'll be blowing him away." He admits superiors, but thinks that he is intrinsically better than they are- if only they have more knowledge and hence more power.

Astris's method casting reflects his training in controlling the overflow of magic that leads to his chaotic and careless sorcery flaws. He is very precise about his tone, wording, and gestures. One too many "errors" have made him careful. Stylistically, much of his magic has some kind of astrological connection, for example tracing out a relevant planetary symbol with his hands.

Tremere was terrified of being the youngest and weakest founder, and Astris is terrified of being a weak magus (or more to the point, he was so socially ostracized that he just assumes he doesn't live up to the “ideal”). In what amounts to a reaction-formation, he has responded (much as Tremere did) with a pride and drive to impose his will on the world. Internally, he still has his insecurities, but he would never let someone else see them. Maybe Viraxis gets a slightly closer view, but others are kept at arms length. (e.g. he has a high etiquette, but no charm; he knows how to talk to people, but not how to make them like him. He lacks a genuine interest in the other person, or so it seems.)
Astris will strive to place himself at the top of any organization, but is conflicted between being the open leader and being the power behind the throne. Part of his nature years for the romantic “knight in shining armor” while part looks at the world and wants to retreat to a dark sanctum where he can manipulate events from afar (like the stars in the heavens do with out lives).

Astris will devote himself to raising as a Tremere. Having younger magi look up to, respect, and obey him is something he (unconsciously) craves. If asked to explain he would simply say that he has the blood of a leader, was born under Jupiter (the star of Kings) and Venus (the ancestor of Caesar), and schooled by the Tremere's best teacher. His rightful place is at the head of that House.

If he never fails, Astris would likely rise to be Primus of Tremere, would unite the House and probably try and succeed where Tremere failed- to unite the Order under one banner; his.

Yes, quite. In terms of his growth, obviously a character that does not grow is boring. My idea is that growth for Astris has to be deliberate. His magic, his personality, even his very being is related and reflected in the stars above. Like the stars he is fixed, but the power of the stars impels, not compels. He is not incapable of growth and change, it simply comes harder for him. As he “ages” and learns more about how the world really works, he will come to have a more mature view of the world. Although he will still be in many ways a teenager. His theme is the power and insecurity of youth. There are subthemes of rebellion (acting out within the social norm is still a form of rebellion), longing for love and affection, and longing for recognition. Finally, at his core he craves a secure, safe place, where the barbs and arrows of the world cannot hurt him.

He believes in God, Jesus, and the Saints. But the earthly Church and its obligations has no real appeal to him. Atris is quite orthodox, but this is not his passion and he probably has never thought of himself as being orthodox. Living a monastic for a while just made him glad to be free of the routine and ritual of religion. Nevertheless, he is does not doubt the teachings of the Church, but doesn't really dwell on them. He would be shocked and repelled by rank heresy, but not the equally heretic but subtle twisting of a slight point of theology.

Motivations and Goals
Long term, Astris wants the life he always thought he should have. He wants to be looked up to as a noble knight, protector and lord. He wants people to respect him, admire him, and to be honest, defer to and obey him. He will struggle to raise himself in the Tremere hierarchy. He will likely come to serve the House as a Master of Auxiliaries.

Astris desperately desires love and acceptance. He will likely seek a familiar soon after the gauntlet. Astris is (it goes without saying) a virgin. He finds the idea of using ReMe to remedy that fact distasteful. But as time goes on and his natural charms continue to fail, he may find himself doing something he will both regret and beat himself up over for years to come

Astris loves his family and wants the best for them. Astris will let his father kick him like a filthy cur until the day he dies. Maybe if he just does more for the family they will accept him. Astris knows that this is unlikely, but he can't bring himself to abandon his family.

Astris gets along well with his parens. Viraxis saved Astris from a life of pain, so even the hardness of his training is not enough to discourage Astris's affection. Astris wants very much to “live up to” Viraxis's ideal. Astris will gladly assist Viraxis in any way he can.

Astris is aware that he has only a very general understanding of magic, based on knowledge of techniques alone. He wants to find and study primers for the Forms and decide on an area to specialize in. In the first development cycle, Astris plans to study the Forms and set up his lab. He will check on his family regularly- and will likely create a magic item or use some spell effects to bring them some direct but hidden benefit.

Shortly after his Gauntlet, Astris learns of his brother fighting in a grand Tourney. Astris decides that he wants to watch his brother win. Astris does not intend to interfere when he leaves the covenant, but simply watch. Of course, once he is there in the moment, his coolly thought out intentions may not matter.

Astris intends to enchant his sword, possibly as a Talisman.

Arnaut ex Jerbiton, filius Aimiric

Age: just turned 28

free good teacher
free Hermetic Magus
1 educated
1 improved characteristics
1 great communication
1 skilled parens
3 gentle gift
1 minor focus: improving the mind
1 affinity in Me
1 deft mentem

  • 3 dependants (pupils)
  • 3 driven (teaching as many gifted children as possible, then found the university of Magic)
  • 1 offensive to animals
  • 1 minor temperate
  • 1 unimaginative learner
  • 1 exciting experimentation (MoH, p. 26)

Int 2 Per 0
Sta 1 Str 0
Com 4 Pr 0
Dex 0 Qik 0

Early Childhood (years 0-5; 45xp + Language)
Arabic (translation) 2
Folk Ken (students) 2
Awareness (search) 1
Brawl (Dodge) 1
Athletics (running)1
Castilian (translation) 5

Childhood year 6-12: 7x15xp+50xp = 155xp
Charm (seduction) 2 [=15xp]
Guile (disguise) 2 [=15xp]
Bargain (books) 2 [=15xp]
Latin (translation) 5 [=75xp]
Artes Liberales (Geometry) 2 [=15xp]
Philosophy (Natural philosophy) 2 [=15xp]
Teach (classes of more than 2) 1 [=5xp]

Apprenticeship (13-27: 60xp skills)
Code of Hermes (apprentices) 1
Etiquette (gifts) 1
Intrigue (nobility) 1
Leadership (students) 1
Magic Theory (Mentem) 3 [30xp]
Parma Magica (Corpus) 1
Profession: Scribe (diligently) 1
skills at gauntlet: Arabic (translation) 2, Artes Liberales (Geometry) 2, Awareness (search) 1, Athletics (running) 1, Bargain (books) 2, Brawl (Dodge) 1, Castilian (translation) 5, Charm (seduction) 2, Code of Hermes (apprentices) 1, Etiquette (gifts) 1, Folk Ken (students) 2, Guile (disguise) 2, Intrigue (nobility) 1
Latin (translation) 5, Leadership (students) 1, Magic Theory (Mentem) 3, Parma Magica (Corpus) 1, Philosophy (Natural philosophy) 2, Profession: Scribe (diligently) 1, Teach (classes of more than 2) 1

Arts at gauntlet:
Cr 5 In 5 Mu 5 Pe 5 Re 5
An 5 Aq 5 Au 5 Co 5 He 5 Ig 5 Im 5 Me (affinity) 9 Te 5 Vi 5

Spells (at gauntlet):
Spells / TeFo/ Level / Bonus / Mastery / Mastery score / Page reference / note
Chastisement / PeCo / 15 / +14 / 0 / 0 / self-made, see below
Praise the Worthy Student / CrMe / 15 / +19 / 0 / 0 / self-made, see below / *
Perception of the conflicting Motives / 15 / +19 / 0 / 0 / ArM5, p. 149 / *
Posing the silent question / InMe / 20 / +19 / 0 / 0 / ArM5, p. 149 / *
Enchantment of detachment / PeMe / 15 / +19 / 0 / 0 / ArM5, p. 150 / *
Aura of Rightful Authority / ReMe / 20 / +19 / 0 / 0 / ArM5, p. 151 / *
Searching the Haystack / ReMe / 20 / +19 / 0 / 0 / A&A, p. 34 / *
The Gift Revealed / InVi / 15 / +14 / 0 / 0 / self-made, see below
Practical Jokes unmasked / InVi / 15 / +14 / 0 / 0 / HoH:TL, p. 75 (Bitter taste of betrayal)

  • deft mentem virtue: This spell can be cast without gestures, without or with different words
    ** improving the mind focus applicable

New spell description

Perdo Corpus
level 15

R: Sight D: Mom T: Ind.
A clip on the ear. A classic usable both to disrupt (unless target makes Int + Concentration roll of 12+) and to improve concentration.
(Base 4, +3 sight)

Creo Mentem
level 15

Praise the worthy student
R: Voice D: Diameter T: Ind.
This spell fills the target with happiness and self-satisfaction. This spell is used to motivate successful students and reinforce praise. It may be addictive in the long run (just like chocolate, it makes you feel good). It may be the most sinister spell ever created.
(Base 4, +2 voice, +1 diameter)

Intellego Vim
Level 15
The Gift revealed
R: Touch D: Mom T: Ind.
The magus learns whether a person he touches is Gifted. Does not reveal the Gentle Gift.
(Base 10, +1 Touch)

Personality: brave -1, tidy +2, unemotional +2

Attack (Fist): +1 Defense (dodge): +2 Damage: +0
Soak: +1

Equipment: Clean Black Scholarly robes, complete with hood for storing stuff (writing ustensils); belt with penknife and two little pouches, one for coins, one for a tiny set for ceremonial magic

Sigil: effects are “owlish” (depending on the spell, it manifests as hooting, the shadow of an owl, owlish eyes, people thinking of owls, the feel of feathers or talons)

Voting sigil: An ancient coin from Athens depicting an owl

Arnaut was born in Toledo into a family living from trading books (legally and illegally) with the Almohad Arabs. He had two elder brothers, Vermundo and Osmundo, who he adored. An open and communicative child, he quickly picked up Arab expressions from his father’s business partners.
Although he was an unlikely candidate for inheriting the family business, his father, impressed with the Arab culture, engaged Salvador, a private teacher who had studied at a Muslim university, hoping that his son could serve the family as a translator or a clerk.
Arnaut blossomed in his teacher’s hands, sharing Salvador’s dreams of convincing the king to found a Spanish university. When he turned 11, Salvador left for the Castilian court to pursue his project and Arnaut started to earn his first money for the family by teaching the boys of a neigboring family to read and write in Latin.
It was then that a nobleman arrived on the scene, watching him teach the other kids for several days before he spoke to Arnaut’s father. Arnaut, listening at the door, heard the stranger introduce himself as Aimiric de Rada and warn his father that Arnaut’s soul was in grave peril, because he had a Gift of Magic that – if not properly developed – would lead the boy into temptation and sin. After a substantial sum had been mentioned, Arnaut’s father, who had noticed that odd coincidences had begun to occur in the presence of his sons, agreed under the condition that Arnaut was to write him two letters per year, and be allowed to read his father’s letters.
Aimiric spent a season introducing his filius to Hermetic Magic, and then travelled Europe to showed him off to the more decadent members of his house. They also went to fashionable parties with mighty noblemen, and debauched churchmen. Arnaut quite enjoyed his new power that – in combination with his glib tongue - opened the thighs of all the girls he desired, and more than once, his parens mildly smiled and used his mentem magic to cover up his filius’ adventures.
In the fourth year of his “apprenticeship”, Arnaut went too far, seducing a virgin chatelaine that his parens had wanted for himself. After an ugly quarrel, Aimiric dumped his filius unceremoniously in his lab, telling his owl familiar Athena to make sure that his ill-bred filius spent his time cooling his passions over dusty tomes on the magical arts.
The shock about his change of fortune was still fresh, when a letter arrived from home, telling him that his oldest brother Vermundo had started talking to invisible entities and finally hanged himself, and his other brother Osmundo had publicly preached against transsubstantion and had been burned by the church. This combination of events truly changed Arnaut: He started wondering if he was headed the same way as his brothers (to hell), and, under Athena’s tutelage, realized the errors of his wild years. He started observing a strict personal discipline, learning eagerly to overcome the temptations of the flesh. Master Aimiric, coming back a year later to end Arnaut’s punishment, turned away, disappointed at his filius’ new-found morals, and left the remaining years of his filius’ tutelage mostly to his owl familiar, who was going to become Arnaut’s best friend and gently steered him back onto a (less extreme) path of self-discipline and learning.
Of course Arnaut gloriously passed his gauntlet. He would have passed if he had been too stupid to write his own name. His parens made sure to have his cronies on the jury.

Arnaut is afraid of becoming a heretic and going to hell. Having seen two of his brothers die horribly (and knowing that they are in hell now), Arnaut is convinced that he can save his soul by saving the souls of Gifted Children. Saving the souls of children takes the form of guiding them into adulthood. That is also why he tries to keep an eye on his bastards. He doesn't realize that he is really trying to bring his brothers back (speaking from Freudian depths). Only when they died did he realize that he was creating children that might suffer the same fate. This reduced the appeal of carnal lust a lot. Thinking that other children of his youth might be out there (headed for hell) weighs heavily on his conscience. Arnaut believes his family’s seed is more likely to create Gifted children. He is convinced that laxness leads to emotion, emotion leads to sin, and sin leads to hell.


  • Only the stoyguide knows if that is true that his sperm creates magical children (he has heard of a line of Bonisagi from Durenmar practicing sex magic and wants to know more about them)
  • he used to be fairly prolific, believing that “gifting” the world with gifted children was a good thing
  • has 3 bastards (ages about 11-13 years old) he knows of (from 3 different women). To his horror, there may be more he doesn’t know of)
  • Arnaut still writes to Athena. Should Aimiric die, Arnaut will try to bind his master's familiar.
  • Arnaut knows little to nothing about the Order of Hermes

plans for tribunal:

  • get his hands on some primers for teaching, and a spell that allows him to find gentle-gifted children.
  • announce his plans to start a school for Gifted children (which will not be as easy as he thinks)

Long-term projects:

  • finding, collecting, and teaching all his bastards (and any other Gifted children he comes across)
  • the death of his two brothers has made him more careful, he plans to keep an eye on his children (or rather to marry, so he has someone to keep an eye on them), and two educate them. He is pragmatic about his future wife: She must be pretty because plans to be faithful to avoid creating more children he doesn’t know of, love children (so she can keep an eye on them), and be able to keep her mouth shut about his magic (a rare quality in a woman).
  • he is interested in improving the human mind magically, and to fortify it against temptation
  • learn the bloodline target to find his children
  • learn sensory magic so he can cast spells on all who listen to him in class
  • invent rituals that improve the human mind (to improve Com to +5), so people become too intelligent to sin (he really thinks that works).
  • reorganizing the concept of teaching apprentices

Aquaticus ex Miscellanea
Birth name: Ronan O'Ferry
Religion: Catholic
Nationality/Race: Irish
Age: 27 (27)

Warping: 0

Int +2 Per +1 Pre +1 Com +1
Str +1 Sta +1 Dex 0 Qui -1

Personality Traits
greedy +2 Loyal +1, Brave +1

Legacy - Famous Grandfather +3 ( OoH)

Way of the Waters 0*
Affinity Aquam 0*
Gentle Gift 3
Well Traveled 1
Quite Magic 1
Affinity Rego 1
Puissant Ability (Magic Theory) 1
Book Learner 1
Puissant Art - Herbam 1
Flawless Magic 3
Subtle Magic 1
special Circumstances (on water) 1

Deficient Tech Muto 0*
Mentor 1
Flawed Parma -An 1
flawed Param - Im 1
Warped Magic 1 (smell of hot iron)
Ambitious 1
Waster of Vis 3
Avaricious 3
Limited Resistance Terram 1
Close Family Ties 1
Legacy 1

*House virtues/flaw

Irish /5/Stories
Profession: Merchant/ 1/
Leadership /1/inserational
Sailing /2/In Storms
Folk Ken /2/merchants
Etiquette /1/ nobility
Charm/ 2/ gaining trust
Athletics/ 2/Climbing
Awareness/ 2/ Keeping Watch
Area Lore Ireland / 2/ Irish Sea
Survival /1 /At Sea/
Swim /2 /Tred Water
Carouse/ 1/drinking songs
Guile /1/ lying to authorities
English/ 2/ bargining
Single Weapon/ 1/sword/
Artes Liberales/ 1 /Astrology
Latin/ 4/Hermetic usage
Philosophiae /1/ Natural Philosophy
Order of Hermes Lore /1/policies
Code of Hermes /1/Mundane relationships
Magic Theory /2+2/inventing spells
Parma Magica /1 /Auram
Bargain/ 2/ Wine
Area Lore England/1 /English channel
Supernatural Lore/1 /oceans
Concentration /1/spell concentration
Penetration/ 1/Aquam
Russian/2/ Kyiv

Cr 4,In 4 Mu 2, Pe 5, Re 9(30), 68
An 4, Aq 8(24), Au 5, Co 2, He 7+3 80
Ig 1, Im 0, Me 4, Te 0, Vi 1

Spells / TeFo/ Level / Bonus / Mastery / Mastery score / Page reference
Clear Sight of the Naiad /InAq/5 /+13/quite casting/1/ArM5 pg.122
Comfort of the Drenched caster /PeAq/ 5 /+14/ Quite casting/1/ArM5 pg123
Conjure the Sturdy Vine /CrHe/5 /+15 /Multiple casting/1/ArM5 pg135
Cloak of Duck feathers /ReAq/ 5 /+18 /Quite casting/1/ArM5 pg 124
Cure of the Unruly tounge/ReCo/ 5/+12/quite casting/1/ArM5 pg134
Bind Wound/CrCo /10 /+7 /Quite casting/1/ArM5 pg129
Palm of Flame/CrIg/ 5 /+6 /Quite casting/1/ArM5 pg 139
Lamp without Flame/ CrIg/10 /+6 /Quite casting/1/ArM5 pg 140
Sense the nature of Vis/InVi /5/+6/Quite casting/1/ArM5 pg 158

New spells / TeFo/ Level / Bonus / Mastery / Mastery score / Page reference
Winds of Good Sailing /CrAu(Re)/20 /+10/ Harnessed casting/1/
The Shipwright’s Masterful Eye/InHe(Aq)/20 /+13/ Quite casting/1/
Improved Sight of the Naiad/InAq/10/+13/Quite Casting/1
Sense Magical Power/InVi/ 10/+6/ /Quite casting/1/
Breath of Life-Giving water/MuCo(An)/5/+5/Harnessed casting/1/

Sense Magical Power
InVi 10
R:Touch D: Inst T: Individual
determine the bonus or penalty the local Aura adds to the casting of this spell, as well as the stability of the spell measured in botch dice. Based on house rules for Sensing Auras.
Base 5 +1 touch

The Shipwright’s Masterful Eye
R: Touch D:Concentration T: Structure
Every leak in a water-borne vessel touched by the caster, no matter how small the aperture, is instantly known to the caster, as is the extent of the leak, for as long as he concentrates.
(Base 3 +3 Structure, +1 Touch, +1 concentration )

Winds of Good Sailing
R:voice T:Ind D:Sun
Creates a wind strong enough to move a sailing ship and directs it at the sails of that ship. The wind’s strength does not vary from casting to casting, so a small ship will be propelled faster than a large one — though a ship with two or more sails will still move quite rapidly. The wind does not knock over people or objects. The caster can change the direction of the wind by concentrating for a round on the new direction.
(Base 2 , Individual, +2 Sun, +2 voice,+1 Rego requirement +1)

Improved Sight of the Naiad
InAq 10
R: Personal T: Vision D Concenmtration
The caster can see as clearly through water as through air while concentrating.
(Base 1, +4 Vision, +1 Concentration)

Breath of Life-Giving Water
MuCo(An) Level 5
R: Touch D: Sun T: Individual
The caster acquires the ability to breathe water.
Annikki of Tytalus invented this spell to facilitate her in her hobby of lying on the bottom of cold (indeed, frigid, and ideally frozen) bodies of water.
(Base: 2, +2 Sun)

Appearance:Wild black hair and blue eyes. He dresses like a merchant in town but has less fine close for on ship. Other than a ring with the crest of Ex Miscellanea on it there is no outward sign that he is a wizard. He has gotten into the habit of talking with his hands all the time. He finds it helpful to hide his spell casting. He enjoys "fine" things. A fine bottle of wine. Well tailored clothes or shoes. Jewelry, Art or a well prepared meal.. He will travel a great distance if he hears of some thing finer than he has/had.

Background: Ronan O'Ferry grew up in a poor family of fishermen on the cost of Ireland. The family would enhance it's income on occasion by luring ships on to the rocks with false beacon fires. The ships were looted and passengers and crew who survived were murdered in the surf. His talent for the old ways was recognized by his grandmother who taught him the ways of the Water. A merchant who would sometimes buy the stolen goods also happened to be a mage in the Order of Hermes named Jovinus. His family knew him as "Black Jack" Tarr. Jovinus bought Ronan from his family and opened him up to the possibilities of magic and money. Ronan was able to see what luxuries money could buy and he vowed to get as much as he could.
During his apprenticeship, he visited his family several times a year when Jovinus' business brought him near. He was able to give them gifts and stay in touch. Jovinus had loose morals in regards to using magic to get a better deal for his goods or getting a woman to sleep with him. But he never used magic directly against another ship. Even a pirate. He said even the pirates were sailors who had to respect the sea. Ronan said nothing but he seemed to think it a waste of power and quietly vowed he would not have that problem. As he studied he realized that with his ability to control the wind he could become a Merchant Prince. The greatest navel Mage the Order had ever known. Or if that failed the greatest pirate in the world. The Order might frown on a pirate but he would cross that sea when he got there.
He attended a grand Tribunal with Jovinus and was amazed when other Magi came to him and talked about his grandfather. He too was a Ex Miscellanea member and very well known throughout the order. He was a great inventor of Aquam spells and a explorer great fame. His disappearance while searching for a way past the Meridian is still talked about. While Jovinus was congratulated for finding an apprentice of such a fine bloodline by many, others pressed Ronan to live up to his Grandfather's legacy.
Upon completion of his gauntlet he took the name Aquaticus. Jovinus has given him a ship to run but Ronan feel he must follow Jovinus' lead and not take the ship for his own rewards. Jovinus can call on Ronan at any time to take some cargo for him or make a trip. Ronan bought a small fishing smack and has crewed it with members of his family. It is this ship he uses for his personal business but it is not large enough to carry enough cargo or travel very far.

Goals for Aquaticus:
Long term goal is to get command of a ship. He needs some independence of a ship to achieve his goal of gaining money. So his short term goals focus on aspects of a ship that he does not know.
Either learn to navigate or figure out how to magic it.
Learn to be a ships captain. Or better yet learn magic to command his own boat.
Make contacts at ports to sell and buy goods.
Ronan has developed a passion for fine jewelry and strange mechanical devices. He will go to great length to acquire new pieces for his growing collection.

Aquaticus could be a pirate or a merchant or just an amazing sailor. He will go the non-pirate route for now but if he has too many problems in achieving recognition and money one way, then he will try it another. He has no morals in that regard.
His love for automations/mechanica will put him at odds with Verditius Magi at times.