Summer 1180: Characters in Brief


Jean Michelle's idea:

So much thought has gone into each character (which is commendable), but

  • the characters don't know each other that well.
  • I as a player, find it hard to remember all the details (which have changed from first to final version), but want to have a quick reference possibility so my posts can relate to other characters easily.

I suggest for the character summary:

  • about one or two sentences: name/house/gender/home culture/appearance/clothes/behavior patterns
  • about one sentence: magic interest: focus
  • about one sentence: motivation / goal.

So here it is.



Arnaut ex Jerbiton is a clean-shaved, dark-haired, brown-eyed Spaniard who wears a clean scholar's robe and has a tonsure. He speaks in a slow, well-articulated way, and uses expressive gestures. He always cautions against emotion and praises logic.
He is a gentle-gifted generalist with a talent for Mentem and an interest in Mentem and Vim.
He wants to found a university for gifted children to help them deal with their gift, because he believes they may stray from the straight path otherwise.

Astris ex Tremere is pale skinned, beardless teenager, with long black hair held back in a braid. He has a pronounced widow’s peak, looking strange in a person so young. Otherwise he appears far more like an apprentice than a full magus. Yet, he carries himself with a proud bearing, making eye-contact with vibrant green eyes. He is a younger son of a landed knight, and has the courtly dress and etiquette of the nobility. His family is a member of the Norman elite in England. He speaks French fluently, Latin well, and can be understood in English. He always wears an arming sword (a “long sword”) at his waist. During Tribunal, he is often seen at the side of his parens and mentor, Viraxis. Astris has the Blatant Gift and so he attempts to avoid interaction with mundanes.

Astris is rarely seen during the day, as he sleeps from sun up until the afternoon. His magical interests are connected with the stars, and he is known to use astrological connections in his magic. Magically he is a generalist, without any particular focus. Stars and star like phenomena are his casting sigil.

Astris wants to be accepted and admired. Although his relationship with his family is strained and one-sided, he helps them when he can. He is also close to his aging mentor, and in the proper tradition of the Tremere often assists the older magus.

Archibladus Ex Verditius has dark brown hair and a well kept beard. He has an average build and small scar above his left eye. He uses elegant wizardly robes with lots of symbols and heraldic symbols of house Verditius. He is proud and a true fashion victim but beneath it all he is very unsecure. He suffers from the blatant gift.

Archibladus strive to belong somewhere as his family holds him in contempt, though they find is skills useful, and his parens is one of the tribunals fools. However he is a powerful fool as he is still alive even though he pubilcaly called the head of house guernicus in the tribunal a fool with the judgment capability of a donkey’s behind. Archibaldus will focus in elemental magic but has some knowledge of mentem as his family find it useful but he distains the mind altering magic.

Appearance:Wild black hair and blue eyes. He dresses like a merchant in town but has less fine close for on ship. Other than a ring with the crest of Ex Miscellanea on it there is no outward sign that he is a wizard. He has gotten into the habit of talking with his hands all the time. He finds it helpful to hide his spell casting. He is a collector of fine jewelry and automations/mechanica

He seeks fame on his own terms. The legacy of his grandfather overshadows him. He also seeks material wealth.
Aquaticus could be a pirate or a merchant or just an amazing sailor. He will go the non-pirate route for now but if he has too many problems in achieving recognition and money one way, then he will try it another. He has no morals in that regard.