Summer 1202 Gathering of the 12 years

It is June in 1202, the moon is nearly full and the week long ritual will soon begin, as some of house Bjorner arrive a few days early...

Lutra strives to arrive early, hoping to be able to socialize with his sodales and share stories of the ancestors. He feels it's about time he looks into house mysteries more so he will be asking around for anyone who might be willing to teach him about Theriomorphy or perhaps even Sensory Magic. But in either case he will also try to see if any of his sodales within his same clan are willing to teach him more about their clan's lore, so that he can be ready for eventually taking on the mysteries of the Inner Heartbeast.

Sionnach arrives later, not all that preoccupied about being early unless Arnar is more worried about that. He'll stick close to his clan as well and while not something he actively would look into, if it does come up he will show interest in pursuing other house mysteries.

[I’ll need to advance Taliha before I can really jump in here.]

OOC I doubt Falk will join this Gathering. He is still in a other adventure and afterward he have to establish him self in Levant, a quite far away place from the Gathering.

Nix had come ahead of time for the great gathering, walking in the shadow of her sept she seemed small in comparison. At the head of her group was a tall man with features reminiscent of the Schwartzwald, and to his side a lanky woman who paced every time she stopped, their markings proudly declared them Ilfetu. At their tail was Nix, she bore upon her features youth, her eyes were cut facets of amber, glinting in the light. She lacked any scent beyond oils that carried the aroma of lemon, but the most striking feature was that her fine hair, which cascaded down to the middle of her back, twisted braids of varying length mixed in between. Her clothing showed the dedicated care of a talented hand, held at her shoulder was a shift and hangerock, a pair of bronze brooches pinned them to her shoulders which held strands to hold beads, and her things. The last piece was a thick wool cloak clipped at her shoulder, each fabric was white like snow with only the fur edges of her cloak colored in sable.

A curiously lopsided grin sat on her face as she scanned around at all of her house gathered, a frenetic energy bounced in her movements, her eyes went from person to person taking stock of them as she had no company for years that were not members of Sinus Wodinis. She hummed a tune to her to her lips, and for the first time in years...she knew not what the future brought her....for this gathering, would be the most important of her life.